WIWs: RED and Christmassy!

Here are three recent WiW's (in the last 5 days). I bat for Team Red! 

It was sunny, dry, and frosty in Seattle last week. Cold! Remember I'm outside braving the elements on foot ALL THE TIME. I walk almost everywhere. I need to wrap up.

This week is much wetter and warmer. 

All outfit items are old and VERY old - apart from the new big brushed scarf, cream Coach bag, and red specs. 

The Valentino is 15 years old!I put a cream guitar strap on it to refresh its look. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! 

#1 to #4: At the Seattle Christmas Market! 

#5: Rudolf without the red nose, comes out to play :)

#6: Holiday China is used daily! 

#7 to #10: Shopping with a client at U-Village. At Anthropolgie. Match their macarons! Love wearing red with Dutch orange and cream!

#11 to #14: What I'm wearing now, to WFH, have the car we seldom drive serviced, run errands, and walk doggies - and I got wet. Keeping it real! Hair all over the place....

#15: I wore this yesterday to shop with hubs. Same as today, but with a dressy coat. Yes, I repeat outfits! 

TWO YEARS OF HAIR GROWTH! Natural colour. 

Giving my wardrobe a big grateful hug! 

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIW: To Decorate

It's tradition in the US to put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Makes the festive season last longer. Why not!

I have the perfect-for-me playful holiday sweater for the day, which I got just before the pandemic. Can you spot three Yorkies? :) 

Layered it over a new J.Crew red plaid shirt, which was sold out in a nanosecond with good reason. It's absolutely gorgeous quality, a hip modern cut, and drapes like a dream. Waving at twinsie, Suz!

Old barrel jeans, at-home-only-Eccos, pearls, red specs, '80s and '90s music, yummy food, fab hubs skillfully assembling our tree, and precious Sam and Jo - in their red collars to match! - made for a wonderful day! xo


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New Red Specs!

I LOVE my light blue specs! Find #1 (For long distances like walking, driving, and looking at screens far away). 

I LOVE my see-through pink perspex specs! Find #2 (Progressives for work station, short distances, close-ups, and sometimes reading).

AND, I was missing my red specs :)

So I got a new pair - Find #3 - and made them progressives because those are the prescription I wear the most in stores, in homes, and in the dressing room when working with my clients. Now I can swap between red and pink!

Yes, my prescriptions are complicated. Can't have my needs sorted with one prescription and one set of specs, so need multiple for different situations. Always carrying the other prescription with me in my bag. And absolutely no contact lenses.

Red specs are natural for my style! Now with new dark blonde hair. 

I'm thrilled, and thanks for looking. xo


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Recommend: Wit & Wisdoms, and the Audrey (Pics)

In case you're looking or interested :) 

The Wit & Wisdom Pants come in four colours, and I have the navy: 


I sized down for a better fit. 

VERY COMFY, drapey, polished, have a fun self-panel tuxedo stripe, crease-resistant, are easy to launder, and full length on me. 

The red is more eggplant than burgundy in person, so I returned them. 

These are two WFH outfits. I wear these pants like others wear leggings, or joggers. Here, they are worn with OLD sweaters, VERY old belts, and at-home-only ECCO sneakers. The green is today's outfit. An extremely casual WFH day! I'll be running errands on foots, and walking doggies later. 

I wear this type of trouser on long flights too. Much more comfy than jeans!

Also putting in a good word for Talbots "Audrey" patterned cashmere. I got the light blue floral, which is a great match with my specs. I'm wearing a petite size here since the fit is better, and I don't mind very short sleeves on this type of jumper. It's Modern Retro. 


Hair is in a happy place almost two years in! Good length, natural colour, and mostly natural waves. 

Jo makes everything better! :)


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Lime Polka Dot Scarf is Here :)

Just arrived!

I couldn't wait to try it!

Threw it on over today's outfit - so NOT styled. Avert your eyes from hectic pattern mixing, and our very sunny loft. 

My favourite colour! 

It's PERFECT :) 

ETA: This thread for context:



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Quick snaps since I haven't posted for a while! Haven't had a chance to share my Greece wardrobe capsule and pics either. Life and work are very busy till Dec. But I'll try to share soon! 

  • I WFH some of the time, and I err on the dressy side. VERY comfortable in fluid fits, luxe fabrics, dressier bottoms, and at-home-only sneakers. Styled hair, pearls, and daily make-up. 
  • On WFH days, I am also out and about doing errands and walking doggies no matter what :) - in which case I add a topper, bag, and outside shoes.
  • I LOVE wearing wide full length pants and jeans! I feel elegant, cheeky, very comfy, and long in the legs in them. Modern Retro too. I don't wear heels, so the same length works with all my footwear. 
  • Here are two WFH outfits I wore yesterday, and right now. 
  • New houndstooth United Colours of Benetton jeans, and Wit & Wisdom brown checked pants. Different fits on me than on the models! 

  •  Sam matches my lime sweater today. Jo is sticking to fuschia :) 
  • Hair wants to flip out, so I'm letting it do just that!

Back later! xo


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Haircut: 20 months of Hair Growth

From platinum blonde pixie to honey blonde bob. 

Going back to my natural colour was one of the best hair decisions I've made. Extremely low maintenance at the salon! Hubs was 100% right since he suggested it :)

Had a hair trim yesterday, which happens every 3 months these days. Shaped and thinned at the back. Front still growing, and grows slower than the back. Dead ends cut off. 

This is straight and styled by me. I'll wear it wavy too, of course! The fringe stays out my face with my specs. Handy! 

About two to three more inches to go. Will continue growing it into next year.

......and new easy-to-identify luggage. xo


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WiWs: Belated Birthday Edition

My birthday was 7 weeks ago on July 9. I got the Smythe blazer, the big tan pants, and orange trousers. I wore the blazer with the tan pans out for fancy sushi on my birthday like this. It was a chilly air-conditioned setting so I was glad to have the coverage! 
This is my FAVOURITE ITEM BLAZER OF ALL TIME. It could not be more perfect. I've worn it quite a bit already. The pants too! Versatile items for my style. 

My bold statement of the day:

Modern Classic is my Fashion- Forward  :)

I'm organically adding and wearing more classics. They suit me, feel gorgeously luxe and elegant, and make me happy! It feels fashion-forward to wear a higher percentage of classics at the moment because they feel "new" and are beyond trends - which I love wearing too, btw! I'm a Trendy Classic. 

The BIG pair of tan pair pants are a fringe trend at this exaggerated width. The orange pants are a fringe trend I see coming down the runways too. Straight high waist pants that are full length with a bit of scrunch. Polar opposite to each other and super fun! The grommet belt and ten year old gold loafers are trendy. My eyewear is retro.

The blazer is a classic. Loud and unique in the screaming plaid. 

My new hair, blouse, knitted top, gold belt, both bags, cream loafers, make-up, and pearls are classic.

Sam and Jo are in a league of their own :)

The orange blouse had to be mine. Dutch orange, stirrups, and horse bits for my horse capsule. Enough said! Wore it untucked for a change too. It feels stunning! 

Hair Update: Desperately need a re-shape. The back grows faster than the front, and I want the front longer. Trim next week. VERY much enjoying my natural colour, and the length that finally looks more attractive to my eye. Far fewer bad hair days. 

Thanks for looking! xo


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Complement: Whiskey Boots and Bag

The bag came and is a perfect tonal match with the new tall boots! Lucky.

It's a Baldinini bag. I love Italian made goods, and Italy! It sells for $895 full price. I got it for $175 on yoox.com. Mega bargain at 80% off! It's brand new, stunning, simple, practical, and impeccable. 

In the light of LJP's thread on "forever items", and SarahDH's thread on "the currency of your style" - these are good examples of pieces that I will have for a LONG time. They are Modern Classics, so I personally won't tire of them. Sufficiently current, and always chic and polished to my eye. I can wear them in playful way too ;) 

These items match three more very old wardrobe items that embellish the whiskey complement. More classics, more "forever items", and I'll write a post about that soon. 

My style soul is as classic as it is trendy. A balanced 50/50 split. 


WIW: Brown, Baby!

CHANGE is my word for the year. Wearing chocolate brown with a happy heart is a BIG change.

I haven't worn brown clothing since the '80s, when my school uniform was brown. Took me 35 years to recover..... 

Waving to Brooklyn, Suntiger, April, LJP, Style Fan and Star as forum members who have loved chocolate brown forever! 

When I saw the brown chevron Theory suit at the NAS, I felt a strong affection! Browns are great with my new darker and more versatile hair. And that short blazer with the big wide trousers at puddle length is soooo '80s with a touch of '40s. Complete with sharp shoulders. How can this suit not be mine ;) 

The suit is impeccable, and drapes like a dream! 

This is how I will wear my new brown Theory suit in September when it's cool enough to do so. 

Brown my way. In a bolder way. I'm a loud person, so I can't wear brown quietly! Honest outfits. And just the beginning of a hundred ways I can style this suit.

  • With AllSaints brown mesh top. The pattern is a work of art! The bright bits in the pattern make it for me.
  • With '60s inspired mesh top. Makes me smile :)
  • Cream loafers and boots. Sometimes a cream grommet '80s belt to match. Looped the '80s way.
  • Taupe, orange, cream bags create CONTRAST.
  • Eyewear variations. All prescription lenses. 

Sam and Jo feature heavily in my posts because they're always close-by. I can't be precious about my clothes! They have to work with very doggie daily life, or I'm not interested. This time, our outfits match :)

Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend. xo


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