Dress Challenge: A Little Avant-Garde

I'm not an avant-garde dresser because I prefer structured movement, softer lines, and pretty pieces for my own style. That said, I've worn dresses over pants for decades and enjoy the look. 

I seldom wear olive with black, but since my outfits are governed by my emotions - this is what I felt like wearing this morning. No logic and no reasoning. It just is what it is! White pearls and red accents make it feel right-for-me. 

20C or 68F so it's much cooler today. Worked from home writing blog posts this morning, and it's errands and Sam walking this afternoon. I don't have a work from home look. I just wear what I feel like wearing and get to work :)

This COS dress is beyond body type. Anyone can wear it because the tent drapes to the shape of your body. I always wear it with leg covering like jeans or hose because it's short in front. Today, I'm wearing it over black skinnies. A black lace cami softens things up and adds the pretty. Red bag and shoes make me happy. The denim jacket has black sleeves to match the skinnies. Got to have some matchy-matchy. 

No need to switcheroo since the loafers are walking shoes and the satchel converts to a crossbody. Outfits with movement and comfy shoes are all I need to give Sam the walk he wants. Sorted. 

Have a lovely weekend. xo


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Dress Challenge: Blue Clouds, Bows & Valentino

I like bows and ruffles and am proud to say so! 

Words cannot express how much my Valentino - a gift from YLF ten years ago - means to me. A decade later and I am as giddy and touched as I was when I received it (pic #9).

27C or 80F. Not as hot as yesterday but just as lovely. Saw a client today and wore the dressier version in #1 - #4. Because she adores red, I almost always wear red when I see her. Hence the red shoes and bag. LOVE these NAS shirt dresses I got last year. They make me walk on clouds. Perfectly comfy, covered, dressy, structured, and with the all important swoosh-factor for movement. Pearls, always. 

Off to walk Sam so did the usual: changed shoes and bag to sneaks and crossbody so that I can keep up with his Lordship. Remember this is a city walk, and not a dog park :)

My two-faced hair is extra wavy today thanks to the sea breeze. I'm off because Sam is growing impatient....


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Dress Challenge: Heat, Swoosh & a Switcheroo

It's 32C today. 90F. Sunny, dry, a little humid but not much. This is unusual heat for Seattle - and I love it! It's energizing. 

My new Free People dress is PERFECT-FOR-ME for this type of heat because it's 100% natural fibers, covered, does not crease, and has mega movement. Its comfort level is sublime. The swoosh when I stride is extremely ventilating - it's like built in air-conditioning. It looks tight up top, but it's very roomy - see pic #5. 
A little lace from a cotton cami peeking out from the neckline makes me feel alluring - see Pic #5. 

First set of pics = dressier to see a client in the morning


Second set of pics = took Sam for a walk this afternoon and switched to sneakers, sunnies and a tiny crossbody. Did some errands too. Walk is in the CITY, like walking in Manhattan - and not a muddy and sandy dog park, hence this outfit works well....as long as there is movement on the bottom and my feet are happy. That's why I leave the sheath and heels  wearing to you :)

LOVE my new sneaks, now that they have been doctored to fit. Duplicated! 

I LOVE this dress, and wish I had it in another colour. Oh well. Next year....


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Dress Challenge: Watermelon & Ice

One of Greg's favourites. A Boden lace from last season I had completely altered one size down. Sooooo worth it to create a perfect fit.

Structured Movement his my favourite type of dress because I walk fast and bounce around a lot. Party at the back :)

28C degrees today and blissfully sunny. A day of work, errands, and walking Sam, and this is what I wore. Need a denim jacket for mornings and evenings. I chose an oversized one to create tension with the classic dress. I bought the J.Brand denim jacket in Amsterdam four years ago because its white metal buttons launched me into orbit. 

Dressy white flats, eyewear and pearls add some glam. I chose a light blue Furla to match the jacket - and because light blue goes with everything. The crossbody is a must because everything is on foot and I have groceries and dry-cleaning to carry. The flats, jacket and crossbody temper the formality of the dress. Can't go wrong! 

You don't need an occassion to wear a lace dress. Each day is an occasion and opportunity to feel fab in your clothes as long as you're comfortable and can do the tasks at hand. 


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