WIWs: Dressing Blue Lemons


One-and-done. A particularly happy way of dressing for me.

Waving to all who bat for Team Summer Dress :) 

  • I like my frocks on the dressy, pretty, retro, and classic side. Knee-covering, A-line or flared, and in solids and patterns. Preferably with pockets, and made of natural fibres. High SWOOSH-factor is important! 
  • Both blue dresses are new and replaced frocks that bit the dust.
  • The Hobbs dress was bought off season for a song! Lucked out. Only had to wait 6 months to wear it.......  ;)
  • POLO by Ralph Lauren has become an important brand to me. The perfect horsey association aside - it's my look! I went to a POLO store for the first time this year, and was in my element. It's pricey, so I wait for items to go on sale. Great success so far!
  • Worn both blue dresses multiple times thanks to warm and hot weather. These are everyday dresses for me, which I dress up or down depending on the setting and activities of the day. This is how I've worn them so far. With dressy flats, low heels, fashion sneakers, satchels and crossbodies, thereby creating a variation of vibes that suit the tasks at hand. 
  • Sunnies are on daily at this point. Mine have prescription lenses. The white are a vintage pearlized pair from 1961 that I picked up about 6 years ago. Unique! The round RayBans are new, and an iconic classic. 
  • Sam and Jo are always there.

Thanks for looking! xo


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