WIWs: RED and Christmassy!

Here are three recent WiW's (in the last 5 days). I bat for Team Red! 

It was sunny, dry, and frosty in Seattle last week. Cold! Remember I'm outside braving the elements on foot ALL THE TIME. I walk almost everywhere. I need to wrap up.

This week is much wetter and warmer. 

All outfit items are old and VERY old - apart from the new big brushed scarf, cream Coach bag, and red specs. 

The Valentino is 15 years old!I put a cream guitar strap on it to refresh its look. I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH!!! 

#1 to #4: At the Seattle Christmas Market! 

#5: Rudolf without the red nose, comes out to play :)

#6: Holiday China is used daily! 

#7 to #10: Shopping with a client at U-Village. At Anthropolgie. Match their macarons! Love wearing red with Dutch orange and cream!

#11 to #14: What I'm wearing now, to WFH, have the car we seldom drive serviced, run errands, and walk doggies - and I got wet. Keeping it real! Hair all over the place....

#15: I wore this yesterday to shop with hubs. Same as today, but with a dressy coat. Yes, I repeat outfits! 

TWO YEARS OF HAIR GROWTH! Natural colour. 

Giving my wardrobe a big grateful hug! 

Thanks for looking! xo


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