My Yoga Capsule in Action

I fell on my back in Nov 2019. It has taken a YEAR of very dedicated PT exercises to heal my body. FINALLY, I am back to  practicing an hour of vinyasa and hatha yoga five times a week, which I LOVE SOOO MUCH. I'm not at the level I was before, but I will get there....

Big thanks to Suntiger for suggesting the Down Dog app a few months ago. It's sublime with my air pods! Absolutely perfect. I don't need a yoga studio anymore. This will save time and money. 

I practice before dawn in our loft in Seattle, and shavasana at the end to a very pretty sunrise. It's dark, quiet, and perfect! But light when I finish. 

I roll out of bed before 6am, get into my yoga gear, do a few things around the house to wake up, and then it's onto my citron yoga mat sporting the "au naturel" look. Some mornings I look more alive than others ;)



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