My Layered Dainty Necklaces & New Skin

I'm not a jewellery person, but like to layer the few necklaces that I have. I have 4 and that's it! I don't wear earrings but wear specs. I like to keep my jewellery dainty because it works well with my small frame, colour palettes, and more maximal style. 

Here are two Winter versions, and exactly one year apart:

#1. On a plane to see my Dad a year ago, back when we travelled.....

#2. Today and now!

The second photo is my new skin. I have had a heck of a time with facial skin rashes this year. Good grief. My skin doesn't usually give me trouble - my feet do! - but this year has been hectic. One thing after the next and on it went..... 

The most recent skin irritation was a recurring bad reaction to the steroid cream I was using to treat something else. The steroid cream treated the initial problem really well, but caused  others :( 

As a result, I've had to stop using EVERYTHING on my skin apart from  pimecrolimus cream. The last few weeks I was able to add Vani moisturizer and Vani cleanser (new products that are working). Hopefully I'll be able to add a sunscreen of sorts next year. Thank goodness for grey and rainy Seattle right now. 

All this to say that I haven't been using tinted moisturizer for 6 weeks. I would use it daily to even out my skin tone because I thought it made my skin look better. But actually - and I'm much surprised - going without looks much better to Greg (and I see it too). My skin feels healthier, dewier, and fresher -  although the skin tone is visually less even. Onward we go without tinted moisturizer, and HOPEFULLY no more skin irritations. 


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Back to a Classic Pixie

I chopped more hair off. Had it done yesterday, very deliberately. I've had 5.5 inches chopped off my fringe this year. (4 months of lockdown hair growth!)

Last week was wet, windy, and cool in Seattle. I'm on foot and outside in the city many times a day because I walk everywhere. Mask, rain, specs, hood, fogged up eyewear, Sam in tow, carrying groceries, doing errands..... and long fringe with longer hair around my ears driving me bananas.

I need hair that looks good after hoods, rain, wind, and beanies. And is mask- friendly too. 

PROBLEM SOLVED! I'm back to a short classic pixie that I can wear multiple ways, and looks polished after it's fought with the weather, masks, hats and hoods. 

#1 - after the salon with a fringe so blow dried

#2 to #5 - air dried at home with product so wavy fringe

#6 to #8 - air dried at home so wavy but pushed back. 

#9 - no specs, which is how I type, work, read, Zoom, and cook at home

My hair is almost zero effort day to day, and a shorter visit to the salon to boot. Much better for these times!

Post COVID and mask-wearing, I'll grow out my fringe and sides again....

I'm happy with the practical and fuss-free change. I once again feel polished :)


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Chopped it all off

'70s shag hairstyle project is out the window, and here's why:

Looked good but kept on feeling off.

Too much hair. Not enough structure. Too much hair all over the place in my windy and rainy on foot  lifestyle. Especially when I wear hoods and beanies. Felt unpolished. 

And it's how you FEEL in a look that counts!

This tough, tough 2020 year is about making the most of what you have, as well as keeping things comforting, familiar, and easy. On that note, I am lucky to be able to wear very short hair that air-dries with a wave to look reasonably good, current, and polished. No fuss. I'm milking it! 

So I'm back to a pixie, but it's SOFT. Longer around the ears, no sharp edges, gently tousled, no razor cuts, and lots of movement - as far as pixies go, anyway ;) 

I had it cut yesterday. This is air-dried with a bit of product. I can also flat iron it straight for a more sleek and 2015 look. Or throw in some curl for a 1920's look. It's versatile.

Greg saw the new 'do and said, " THIS is you!"

He loves it. I love it. Sam approves. And that is that :)


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#OOTD is Neutral, & WIW to the Ballet

My wardrobe is AS rich in neutrals as it is in colour - although I do count my reds as neutrals......

I dress 100% according to my mood when I pick an outfit in the morning and/or evening. Nothing is ever planned . I LOVE the creative adrenaline that flows through my veins at this time, which puts me on a high! (Like I keep on saying - my wardrobe and style are the un-stressful and fun part of my life). As I put my morning or evening outfit together, I take into account the weather and the needs of my feet. 

#OOTD: I'm in the mood for neutrals today! NAS NAVY peplum with Scotch & Soda black & cream tuxedo pants, old cream booties, and cream Furla. Mild and sunny today. No need for topper. 

Changing into sneakers later, OF COURSE! 

NEW "A" Necklace :)

WIW to the Ballet: (Excuse bad night time blurry pics). I went to opening night at the PN Ballet last Saturday, and wore my Scotch & Soda suit. It's SOOOO handy to pull out for dressy occasions because it's warm, will not date, and unique. I have worn it so much more than I thought. I highly recommend getting a fun suit to dress up and down. Mega practical and versatile. I might get another. I wore my party shoes for glitz, but wear the suit with sneakers too. 

Exact wardrobe items in Finds. Vintage Yorkie brooch came out to play with the suit. It causes many a conversation with doggie people! 

Off to work...

ETA: I had both pairs of Scotch & Soda pants altered at the waist and on the hips to fit perfectly. 


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Pics: Red BR Wide Crops Road Test (ETA: Sneaks!)

These are AMAZNG. Fab fabric and fit. Come in black and navy too. My only worry is that they bag out, so I'm road testing them today. Fingers crossed!

THE HIGH WAIST FITS SANS ALTERATION. That's not easy on my body type. Length perfect at 2 inches above the ankle, although in #8 they look longer. 

Was helping a client figure out shoes, lengths, and toppers for these pants, Took some pics for her. Thought I'd share with you too. 

The dark here is BLUE not black. Navy booties too. Should have worn navy knee-highs, and will when I do that rendition. 

Ultimately settled on  #11. Off to work! Will let you know if they bag out.....

ETA #1: Added outfit with sneaks because I'm off to walk Sam and do errands. Everything on foot. No driving. Sam has a matching collar :)

ETA #2: The pants DO bag out a little on the thighs, but stay put on the waist. No bagging out on the knees or butt. Because the pants are drapey, the bagged out thighs work just fine with the silhouette. 


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WIW: LOVE My New Pants, Shirt, Boots & Jacket

Fall has hit Seattle. Heavier NAS items are coming out to play, and new Boden items are getting a workout. 

This is WIW to work with a client today in grey and rainy Seattle - and walk Sam & do urban errands, accept that I changed into sneakers for that part. The citron ones to match the stripe!

LOVE MY NEW PANTS & SHIRT. I'm going to live in both. Perfect fits. Pants are lined, NAVY, and have a citron stripe! And the stripes of the plaid are matched at the seams. 

Have missed wearing button down shirts, and am back into them. 

LOVE my new Halogen jacket and J.Crew boots too. The boucle jacket is my version of the trendy long blazer. Red boots bookend my red specs. Easy! 

Three patterns in one outfit, because why not :)

All items beautifully made - even the Halogen. 

Feeling on trend in these updated proportions. New monogram necklace is a gift from a dear friend. I'm a lucky fish. 

And back to work....xo


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