WIW: Packing UP

We're finally remodeling our loft, and have to move out for 4 to 5 months - with everything. We've been packing up on top of work, and everything else. Very busy bees.

My Esprit sweatshirts are AWESOME! I have the yellow too. 

Gap wide leg jeans (LOVE them, and waving to twinsie, DebbieK), white belt and oxfords, pearls, specs, styled hair, and my minimal make-up routine. This has been my packing uniform. 

Also making time for urban walks amidst the packing. We did the Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop Trail with Sam and Jo - 2.5 hrs - and highly recommend it to Seattleites! My coat and crossbody went over my packing uniform. Easy! 

Movers come tomorrow. That's WIWs from me till July. Thanks for looking. xo


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Every item in this outfit apart from my red eyewear is classic. My straightened bob is classic too! 

fit & flare dress, tailored tall boots, satchel, fitted coat, moto, and denim jacket = CLASSICS 

I enjoy the classics as much as the trends :) 

I tend to like louder classics, so in a bright, bold pattern, or in crisp whites - and these days in a few earth tones too. 

Waving to Team Dark Floral Brooklyn and Suntiger - although the background of my dress is navy (not black), in which case I'm waving at Suz too! 

I've worn the version with the old red coat the most because it's Winter. I enjoy repeating outfits! 

Excuse the bad light upstairs with the full length mirror. That's why I take pics downstairs in brilliant light so that you can see colours accurately.

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIWs: Trends and Classics

Sporting trends with complementary classics in two similar outfits.

I'm a Trendy Classic :) 


  • Barrel jeans (ecru - not white)
  • Oversized jumper 
  • Oversized Aviator (7 years old, and a favourite! '80s Fabness!)
  • Boxy Faux Leather Jacket (a '60s touch)
  • Big Red Specs 


  • Slipper flats
  • Boots
  • Belt 
  • Furla Satchel
  • Pearls 
  • Innitial Necklace

Wavy bobbed hair can fit into any era and style persona. As current as it is classic. So my Hubs Greg tells me, anyway ;) 

Happy Valentine's Day, and thanks for looking. xo


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WIWs: Big COS Sweater Dress

I LOVE my Winter COS sweater dress! Sack silhouette, warm, long, super cosy, super comfy, and easy to style. 

Not sure what to call the colour. Not quite lime, not quite olive, not quite avocado, not quite pea soup. Maybe matcha green!

And just sour enough for my sartorial preferences with my natural honey blonde hair! Interrestingly, I would not have worn this colour as a platinum blonde.

Excuse the bad light and hazy pics. It's Winter.

The dress is a slam dunk with my tall whiskey weatherproof boots! Wearing hosiery to keep warm. 

It's a versatile frock. Here are ways I've worn it, and still want to wear it. Worn it with the bubblegum pink coat most of all.

* I bat for Team Matchy-Matchy AND Team Co-ordinate. I pander to my mood for the day. I bet you do too! 

* Worn with a variety of toppers, specs and bags. The same boots.

* I didn't think I had an oversized topper - but I do! I have an old tan Modern Retro cape that is BIG - almost 10 years old. Joke's on me ;) 

* Currently in the mood to make a statement with solids. Still love and wear patterns, of course! 

Thanks for looking! xo


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