#OOTD: Extreme Colourful Casual

It's Friday. No client meetings. I'm very casual working from home, running errands, walking Sam, and going out to casual supper with friends tonight. This is what I'm wearing, and everything is on foot. No driving. 

YES, I wear velvet casually, because why not!

It's wet, windy, very grey, cold, and dismal. Bundled up, and creating my own sunshine in happy brights!  

I AM LOVING ALL MY PANTS, and have finally successfully reduced jeans-wearing now that I have a great capsule of non-denim bottoms. It took a while.

This is a good example of how I mix very old with very new, and how the items work seamlessly together *to me* because I have a high affinity for colour mixing. It makes adding new colours to my wardrobe very easy, and I don't stress about orphaned colours. 

Pink Joseph coat is 8 years old and one of the most luxe items in my wardrobe. It's impeccable and has held up very well. It will not date. Orange pullover is 3 years old and as impeccable (thank you COS). Mustard velvet pants are last season and altered to fit. Gorgeous quality (thank you Boden). Pink bag and mustard sneakers are new this year. Kate Spade and Converse - also really nice quality. I LOVE gorgeous quality. 

You might not like the combination, and that's sooooo okay! I'm very happy, comfortable, relieved of stress, and soothed mixing things up this way because colours positively affect my mood. I have been dressing this way all my life - (thank you Benetton in the '80s!) - so it's a natural fit. You might be very different in this regard, and I celebrate the palette that makes you happy with you too :)


Light in my bedroom is bad. Pic #8 is more what the colours are like in person. 

Hair is curled today. I'm getting good with the curling iron. Have a lovely and peaceful weekend, Fabbers. xo


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I'm Wearing Grey!

I recently posted about whether I should get the Boden "Dog Person" pullover because I loved everything about it. But it was grey, which does not make me happy:


Very curiously, I decided to order the pullover anyway, just to see if I would love it WITH my red specs, white pearls, gold necklace and a pair of fun bottoms - which would offset the grey, bring life to it, and add the glitz. 

I DO! 

I got it last night, tried it on, and it instantly felt right. Zero hesitation. I wore it today to work with a delightful casual client who is a big dog person too. Perfect! This is how I styled it, and I was very happy wearing grey this way :)

(Really bad light. Dark early these days. And the checked pants are navy and citron - not grey!)


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Some Casual in Action WIW's

It's been a disappointing year for dresses, but a brilliant one for pants, jeans, colours and patterns. I'm MILKING IT, loving it, and having lots of fun.

These outfits are a good gauge of what I wear daily as CASUAL wear at the moment. I don't wear sneakers when I work with clients, and usually wear pants, skirts or dresses (sometimes jeans, though) - so these are non-client outfits. 

Lots of colour and pattern, very comfy footwear, warm layers, classics and trends, new items and old items, and everything on foot. Often with Sam.

New shorter hair that I sometimes wear straight and sometimes wavy. Trying to show you all the angles, hence the funny pics....

Last few pics are what I'm going to wear to a not too dressy Gala next week, and I'll curl my hair like the last pic. Very different - might not be your cuppa, and that's okay! I bat for Team Puffy Sleeves. I feel very happy in the outfit. 

#authenticstyle :)


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#OOTD is Neutral, & WIW to the Ballet

My wardrobe is AS rich in neutrals as it is in colour - although I do count my reds as neutrals......

I dress 100% according to my mood when I pick an outfit in the morning and/or evening. Nothing is ever planned . I LOVE the creative adrenaline that flows through my veins at this time, which puts me on a high! (Like I keep on saying - my wardrobe and style are the un-stressful and fun part of my life). As I put my morning or evening outfit together, I take into account the weather and the needs of my feet. 

#OOTD: I'm in the mood for neutrals today! NAS NAVY peplum with Scotch & Soda black & cream tuxedo pants, old cream booties, and cream Furla. Mild and sunny today. No need for topper. 

Changing into sneakers later, OF COURSE! 

NEW "A" Necklace :)

WIW to the Ballet: (Excuse bad night time blurry pics). I went to opening night at the PN Ballet last Saturday, and wore my Scotch & Soda suit. It's SOOOO handy to pull out for dressy occasions because it's warm, will not date, and unique. I have worn it so much more than I thought. I highly recommend getting a fun suit to dress up and down. Mega practical and versatile. I might get another. I wore my party shoes for glitz, but wear the suit with sneakers too. 

Exact wardrobe items in Finds. Vintage Yorkie brooch came out to play with the suit. It causes many a conversation with doggie people! 

Off to work...

ETA: I had both pairs of Scotch & Soda pants altered at the waist and on the hips to fit perfectly. 


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