Fab Pilro Jeans: and WIW

These on trend cuffed wide leg Pilcro jeans are winners on a range of clients - and me :)  Curvier and straighter clients alike. The substantial denim glides over the contour of your body and fits your figure, IYKWIM. Not too wide. Versatile, forgiving, and very comfy. Pics taken in the Anthropologie dressing room. 


They aren't that high rise - (although described as high rise) - because I'm short in the rise, and these work well. The cuffs are sewn in place, so they can't be hemmed easily. (I'm 5 ft 6). Perfect pant lengths with flat loafers. Try them if you're looking for similar!

When I don't want to wear white jeans, I kept reaching for faded blue Spring/Summer jeans - of which I only have one pair. (Passed on two pairs in January). Wardrobe hole. So I filled the hole with these. Happy! 

My #OOTD (yesterday): Old items except for the gold loafers, which was another wardrobe hole I filled. Perfect match with a gold belt I already had. Wore the loafers out shopping with a client, and they went the distance. Sized down and added an insole.

Jo in a collar to match :) 

It has been unseasonably cold here the last 6 weeks - hence I'm wearing jeans. Warming up soon though.  xo


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Green Jacket is here!

LOVE! (Bought with a giftcard). Hubs Greg loves it too! 

Perfect fit. TTS if you like a narrower fit. Made of a comfy and soft waxed fabric. Unique. Desigual, (from Spain), is becoming a go-to brand. 

Darker than expected, yet slightly sour so win-win for sour-colour loving me. AND, a good match with my new darker natural hair :)

Wearing it right away. NOW. Go Team Wear! 

Wearing it with golden oldies:

  • 6 year old white jeans. (I've worn white and off-white jeans most days over the last 6 weeks. Good thing I have multiple pairs!)
  • 9 year old Boden navy polka dot shirt. Buttoned to the top. Collar popped. My thing!
  • 6 year old light blue Furla
  • 2 year old light blue oxfords and 3 year light blue specs
Pics are as good as it gets in this temporary unit. More bad pics. Oh well! 

Highly recommend the jacket. I predict it will become a workhorse like the red one. 

Hair is doing what it wants to do. Feels current to have hair fall in a relaxed and random way. I'm embracing it, and enjoying it!

Thanks for looking. xo


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Recommend: Wit & Wisdoms, and the Audrey (Pics)

In case you're looking or interested :) 

The Wit & Wisdom Pants come in four colours, and I have the navy: 


I sized down for a better fit. 

VERY COMFY, drapey, polished, have a fun self-panel tuxedo stripe, crease-resistant, are easy to launder, and full length on me. 

The red is more eggplant than burgundy in person, so I returned them. 

These are two WFH outfits. I wear these pants like others wear leggings, or joggers. Here, they are worn with OLD sweaters, VERY old belts, and at-home-only ECCO sneakers. The green is today's outfit. An extremely casual WFH day! I'll be running errands on foots, and walking doggies later. 

I wear this type of trouser on long flights too. Much more comfy than jeans!

Also putting in a good word for Talbots "Audrey" patterned cashmere. I got the light blue floral, which is a great match with my specs. I'm wearing a petite size here since the fit is better, and I don't mind very short sleeves on this type of jumper. It's Modern Retro. 


Hair is in a happy place almost two years in! Good length, natural colour, and mostly natural waves. 

Jo makes everything better! :)


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Complement: Whiskey Boots and Bag

The bag came and is a perfect tonal match with the new tall boots! Lucky.

It's a Baldinini bag. I love Italian made goods, and Italy! It sells for $895 full price. I got it for $175 on yoox.com. Mega bargain at 80% off! It's brand new, stunning, simple, practical, and impeccable. 

In the light of LJP's thread on "forever items", and SarahDH's thread on "the currency of your style" - these are good examples of pieces that I will have for a LONG time. They are Modern Classics, so I personally won't tire of them. Sufficiently current, and always chic and polished to my eye. I can wear them in playful way too ;) 

These items match three more very old wardrobe items that embellish the whiskey complement. More classics, more "forever items", and I'll write a post about that soon. 

My style soul is as classic as it is trendy. A balanced 50/50 split. 


Boden Linen Set Alert: (PICS)

One of my favourite things about '90s fashion was the SETS. C-ords. Matching tops and bottoms. In  patterns and solids. I've had my eye on some casual pants set the whole season - and finally landed on TWO. One solid citron, and the other patterned navy and white. 

Here is the citron LINEN set from Boden. It's ON SALE all the time, which is how I bought it last week. (30% off) It's personally, by far the best linen set I've tried on because the shirt is short, and the pants are structured up top. The quality is IMPECCABLE. Better than a lot of designer wear I've seen lately. The colour and fit are perfect.

Leave it to Boden - who also produce very sustainably and ethically - to make the pants a thicker weight than the top so that they aren't see-through and the pocket linings don't grin through. The rise is long, but for relaxed linen pants - I don't mind. 

Comes in colours, some patterns, and many are sets. Of course, you can wear them as separates too ;)

This is straight out of the package, quick try on to show you. Jus got it! Excuse dusty mirror. It's going to get very creased during the day - but am at peace with the crease. 

I prefer the set UNTUCKED in #, just a little more. Beachy, breezy, and very Summery. But the shirt will tuck too! Dressier that way. Nice waistband. xo


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Some of Today's Finds, Playfully :)

#1 - Kate Spade Belt. Polished! Neat and tidy. (ETA: You might need to size up depending on wear on your body you like to wear a belt).

#2 - Fab with my Taupe Furla, Ivory Furla, and gold Ecco sneakers.

#3 - Gold Ecco sneakers - see how SUBTLE the gold is! It's described as WHITE gold for good reason.

Wearing them here with 10 year old white bootcut KUT jeans and a 17 year old gold belt. Rise feels very low after wearing high rises for years ! :) 

#4 - Naya citron pumps fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. I can JUST manage the heel height. HALF a SIZE down from my regular size, and still a little wide on me. YET! Miraculously stable and comfy. 

#5 - Quick try on with a new dress to make sure I love the pumps. I do! And Jo wants to play with her turtle.

Hope that was helpful in some way! xo


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My Potentially Fab White Heels (Pics)

Heels are relative. This is the highest heel I can manage unless I'm seated :) 

Number one footwear need on my shopping list is a dressy white, off-white, or cream CLOSED-toe shoe to wear with dresses and skirts for Spring and Summer. It's a big hole. 

Must be pretty, refined, stable, secure, a good fit for my narrow feet, and above all VERY comfy. I live in the city and am on foot 99% of the time. I need to be able to walk Yorkies Sam and Jo, run errands, walk to appointments, walk to restaurants, and I walk fast. I also don't want to pay the earth for them. 


Tried and returned quite a bit. Tried a few pairs of slingbacks. Unstable and can't walk fast in them - (as I know from past experience but I tried again anyway. I am always trying, and trying hard!). The straps slide down the back. The shoes fall off my feet, unfortunately.

Unlike many, I enjoy a good Mary Jane. They work for my feet and style! To my eye, they are visually right on my shape feet. I got a suede toffee pair last year that are winners. After trying all sorts of other shoes that did not work, I ordered the same shoe in white. They have a dear little gold buckle: 


A VERY good fit. Sized up half a size because they are short, and I have long toes. 

I am walking around in them at home in my casual outfit with tiny in-house fashion stylist Jo. We are HOPING they pass the at home test. So far, so good. 

Fingers crossed! xo



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Pink or Navy? TORN: ETA: Keeping Both!

I love both! Hubs slightly prefers one to the other. But loves both too. 

Pink more fun.

Navy more elegant.

Will wear this dress to WFH, work with clients, run errands, walk doggies, or go out. No set way. It’s VERY COMFORTABLE and I can move, so all good.

Which? :)

ETA: Keeping both!


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Replacement Orange Pleather Pants!

Here is the back story:


Winner, winner, chicken dinner :)

Even better than the last pair. Longer, wider, snugger fit on the hips and waist, cute pockets! LOVE the front 11.5 inch high rise. 

Style: Maeve: The Colette


Longer and wider on me than on the model.

Wearing them with burgundy and cream today. Sorry, just this fast pic! Busy day.


Fab Straight Velvet Pants (Pic)

From J.Crew:

If you're looking for a pair. Try these: 


Available in US00-24 across petite, regular, and tall lengths. In 4 colours. 

They are VERY comfy, luxe and easy. They fit a curvier figure too. Not too high in the rise. I might need to have them taken in at the waist. Not sure yet. Will road test first.

Love how trouser-y they are! The pink launched me into orbit so they had to be mine :)  They are my "pink corduroy pants" - only they're velvet. I will wear them as every day pants.

They perfectly match a 7 year old COS cashmere jumper. Fortuitous match! See quick pic. Sorry that the hem on the one side looks tapered. I forgot to straighten it out! It's straight like the other side. 

It has a blazer to match - which I knew would be problematic before I tried it on. I'm rejecting pant suit after pant suit at the moment because I don't fancy long blazers. I prefer them shorter so that you can see my thighs. Proportionally, it looks better to my eye on my body type - narrow shoulders! - and how I style clothes with flat footwear. Of course, I love the longer length blazer on those who enjoy it. 


Lots on my plate at the moment. Back later. xo