WIW: To Decorate

It's tradition in the US to put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Makes the festive season last longer. Why not!

I have the perfect-for-me playful holiday sweater for the day, which I got just before the pandemic. Can you spot three Yorkies? :) 

Layered it over a new J.Crew red plaid shirt, which was sold out in a nanosecond with good reason. It's absolutely gorgeous quality, a hip modern cut, and drapes like a dream. Waving at twinsie, Suz!

Old barrel jeans, at-home-only-Eccos, pearls, red specs, '80s and '90s music, yummy food, fab hubs skillfully assembling our tree, and precious Sam and Jo - in their red collars to match! - made for a wonderful day! xo


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New Red Specs!

I LOVE my light blue specs! Find #1 (For long distances like walking, driving, and looking at screens far away). 

I LOVE my see-through pink perspex specs! Find #2 (Progressives for work station, short distances, close-ups, and sometimes reading).

AND, I was missing my red specs :)

So I got a new pair - Find #3 - and made them progressives because those are the prescription I wear the most in stores, in homes, and in the dressing room when working with my clients. Now I can swap between red and pink!

Yes, my prescriptions are complicated. Can't have my needs sorted with one prescription and one set of specs, so need multiple for different situations. Always carrying the other prescription with me in my bag. And absolutely no contact lenses.

Red specs are natural for my style! Now with new dark blonde hair. 

I'm thrilled, and thanks for looking. xo


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