WIW: To Decorate

It's tradition in the US to put up Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Makes the festive season last longer. Why not!

I have the perfect-for-me playful holiday sweater for the day, which I got just before the pandemic. Can you spot three Yorkies? :) 

Layered it over a new J.Crew red plaid shirt, which was sold out in a nanosecond with good reason. It's absolutely gorgeous quality, a hip modern cut, and drapes like a dream. Waving at twinsie, Suz!

Old barrel jeans, at-home-only-Eccos, pearls, red specs, '80s and '90s music, yummy food, fab hubs skillfully assembling our tree, and precious Sam and Jo - in their red collars to match! - made for a wonderful day! xo

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  • Jenni NZ replied 6 months ago

    You look wonderful Angie! I spot all the Yorkies. We put up our Christmas tree a week ago so as to allow baby granddaughter a longer period of enjoyment this year now she is two and able to have a vague understanding of the holiday :)

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, Jenni! I had you with the '80s vibe of this look :)

    Great Idea to put decorations up early for your granddaughter! Extra good cheer! 

  • Janet replied 6 months ago

    ADORABLE! And you have the best view. Love your place!

  • Indigoprint replied 6 months ago

    So Fab!
    So festive but love that the pieces can be utilized in other ways.
    What a view ....fun to see thank you.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Janet, as a doggie person - you get why I wear Yorkies on sweaters :) 

    Indigoprint, YES! The versatile separates are worn in multiple ways. I should try the sweater with my tulle skirt! I'm layering the shirt under my sweatshirt tomorrow.

    Thanks for the kind words!

  • Bonnie replied 6 months ago

    We put up our tree today, too. Dh puts up the tree with a Christmas village and train underneath. I help with the ornaments. Your home looks so welcoming and lovely. The plaid shirt looks great under the Yorkie sweater. 

  • Dee replied 6 months ago

    Such a cute outfit for Christmas decorating, perfect sweater for Yorkies United. It’s the most casual I think I’ve ever seen you.
    Wowza, your place is gorgeous, stunning view too. Christmas decor beautifully integrated for both day & nighttime enjoyment.

  • MsMaven replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful! I love your hair and your glasses. 

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words!

    bonnie, your day sounds fably festive and atmospheric! Yes, the shirt effectively layers well under roomy tops. Good under jackets too. 

    Dee, YES! A very casual day at home needs a comfy, cosy, and festive look. I walked Sam and Jo in the outfit plus hat, puffer, boots, and bag. Cold here! 

    MsMaven, you are super supportive of my new hair, and it's much appreciated ;)

  • Joy replied 6 months ago

    Love it.  Perfect decorating outfit.  Love the doggie shirt.  Red and festive.

  • Jaime replied 6 months ago

    What a beautiful and tranquil scene - all the better for you to pop in your gorgeous red festive outfit with you furry helpers!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Appreciate the kind and sweet words!

    Joy,  go Team Red :)

    Jaime, our Yorkie elves were hard at work with their toys! And zooming around the loft with them....

  • Lee replied 6 months ago

    Precious sweater, y’all are so cute & holy cow, your place has an amazing view! Nicely decorated for the season!

  • Joy replied 6 months ago

    A niece posted a video of a little grandson riding in a cart getting his first look at holiday decorations in a store.   It catches all his amazed expressions.  You have beautiful views!  Ours is best at night with neighbors outside tree lights and other lights reflected in the snow.

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    Shirt twin! It is so amazing with your specs. Also, that sweater is almost as cute as Jo and Sam. But not quite. 

    Love your beautiful decorations! 

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks very much, everyone!

    Lee, the sweater Yorkie resemblance to Sam and Jo is a good one too ;) 

    Joy, your view sounds beautiful and therapeutic. Fun day for your little grand nephew!

    Suz, fortuitous good match with the new specs! And Sam and Jo always steal the show. It's natural ;) 

  • slim cat replied 6 months ago

    Adorable! Pic #4 - total love fest ;-) !

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 months ago

    Adorably festive! You got your red specs just in time. ;)

  • Star replied 6 months ago

    So stinking cute!  A comment I learned from a Style Icon of Note ;).

  • replied 6 months ago

    Aww to you and all 3 of the Yorkies! Your loft is so beautiful!

  • Olive Green replied 6 months ago

    Impeccable taste in surroundings and dogs, let alone clothes! 
    The sweater is perfect. Would love to see it with the tulle. 

  • Mirjana replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful festive look. You are ready for Christmas, BRAVO!!!

  • cat2 replied 6 months ago

    Wow, that view! We picked our tree yesterday; we are finally having a cold snap so I actually wore a winter sweater. And boots. And wool pants.

  • Irina replied 6 months ago

    Fantastic pictures! Always such a pleasure to see your impeccable style, Angie. And not only in fashion but also in your interior decor. Doggies are so cute!

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 6 months ago

    Angie’s coming in hot for Christmas!  You look cheerful and very merry!
    Your home is stunning.  

    I’m sitting here with my coffee, glimpsing at the boxes of holiday chaos waiting in the next room.  Best get to it.  

  • Runcarla replied 6 months ago

    I was wondering about layering button downs under sweaters after not seeing it much IRL.  You’ve answered my question with your brilliant casual combination for holiday decorating day.  

  • Roberta replied 6 months ago

    Thank you for the glimpse into your beautiful home! I know we are all secretly curious. I put up my decorations on the same day, but I wore a sweatshirt and jeans because I got so sweaty and dusty. That Tartan shirt looks so sharp on you, and of course, pets are always the best accessories.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks for the awfully kind words! I'll be back :)

  • kellygirl replied 6 months ago

    Omg, so cute! That sweater makes me smile. You look festive and comfortable while still impeccably polished!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    I'm back! 

    Slim cat, Sam and Jo are love bugs :)

    Sharan, JUST in time! 

    Star, nice one!

    Suntiger, 2 Yorkies send kisses back.

    Olive Green, I'll try the look with the tulle skirt soon! 

    Mirjana, yes to Christmas ready, and presents wrapped too. Phew! 

    cat2, enjoy your winter outfits. There is frost in Seattle this morning.....

    Irina, appreciate the gracious words.

    Mary Beth, how is it going? It will happen ;)

    Carla, I find that as long as the sweaters and sweatshirts are roomy, layering a fluid shirt under them works well. 

    Roberta, I bet your decorations look smashing! Like your Thanksgiving Day outfit. 

    Kelly, lovely to see you! Kisses to Oreo from Sam and Jo. 

  • Cardiff girl replied 6 months ago

    What a fantastic jumper,especially for a Yorkie mum like you.The view from your home is spectacular l d never get anything done as l would be gazing out of the window all the time.

  • kkards replied 6 months ago

    Wow!  The layering is sooo good. But the double doggies!  fab!  

  • Laura replied 6 months ago

    Yorkie triplets for the win!

    Are your pointsettias white? They look pretty in those gorgeous planters.

  • Eliza replied 6 months ago

    Bringing festive casual to new heights, Angie. I love how your decor is both present and doesn’t compete with that show stopping view. Enjoy the season!

  • lyn67 replied 6 months ago

    Angie, You look so adorable and fab  with your little ones--that sweater is a gem- so fun especially layered over that flanell. AND what a delish to get a glimpse of your beautifull home  and glamorous view-love your Xmass tree! Do I spot  you also  have picties of your loved ones on it --what a great ideea  that would be! 

  • Lee replied 5 months ago

    Ha! Yes, it’s a perfect match :-)

  • ChristelJ replied 5 months ago

    Your very merry and heart-warming pictures are putting me in the holiday mood. And your gorgeous view makes me homesick for Seattle, my former home. All so lovely. Thank you for sharing!

  • rachylou replied 5 months ago

    I’m gettin’ classy Ralph Lauren vibes :D Let the season begin!

  • Carol replied 5 months ago

    Is that...where you live? Gorgeous, I hope you have a nice coffee table book out. Red on red on red, love it. Gets my imagination full of possibilities. 

  • Helena replied 5 months ago


  • sabimct replied 5 months ago

    Angie - you look so festive and happy in these pictures.  They truly brought a smile to my face!

    Important question:  I would purchase that tartan shirt in a heartbeat, but it is sold out.  As it is a classic, do you think they will get it in again?
    Would love to know your thoughts, based on your professional experience. Thanks!

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    Thanks so much, everyone! 

    Cardiff girl, our views keep us going. Definitely therapeutic ;) 

    kkards triple doggies, actually ;) 

    Lee, thanks for chiming back in!

    Rachy, RL is fab ;)

    Helena, keeping spirits high!

    Laura, yes! White poinsettias are my faves. Yours too? 

    Eliza, you too! Appreciate your good eye and wisdom.

    Carol, yes, this is our small loft with gigantic views! Lots of fun books on the table. 

    Lyn67, yes! There are pics of Sam and Jo as tree decorations. Well spotted! It's a dressy tartan shirt - not flannel. Versatile ;)

    ChristelJ, you've lived Seattle! I didn't know. Come visit :)

    Sabimct, the shirt sold out in a nanosecond! I know :( - might come back into stock. Keep stalking. J.Crew seems to do a version every year, so you'll get one eventually!

  • RobinF replied 5 months ago

    Great outfit! I love the plaid under the sweater and the fun jeans! 

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    Thanks, RobinF! I haven't layered like this for a while, and enjoyed it. 

  • Cee replied 5 months ago

    Sam and Jo on the shelf !

  • Ket replied 5 months ago

    You're wearing the style I wish I had had in the 80s and 90s, Angie! SOOOO cool, nostalgic, easy, yet chic. I LOVETH! I have a thing for tartan and scotties. So I'm already trying to figure out how I can knit a giant scottie silhouette on a sweater. hahaha! 

  • Karie replied 5 months ago

    That sweater! That view! You look fabulous, and you know I love the three yorkies picture.

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    Cee, not on the shelf - on the tree!

    Ket, such delightful and kind words! Thank you! Curious about your imminent Scottie sweater ;)

    Karie! My big fellow doggie person! YES. I had you with the Yorkies! Kisses and tail wags to Cosmo and Callie.

  • Cee replied 5 months ago

    That explains them yapping out the Tarzan cry !

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    I meant that we have custom-made tree decorations with Sam and Jo on them ;) 

  • Sal replied 5 months ago

    Lovely happy photos!!  All looking very content and festive.

    I am not going to pick the cutest.......it's a hard competition.

  • Bijou replied 5 months ago

    Wow - you all look picture perfect, doggies may hinder the decorating process, but they certainly make it more fun. The view from your loft is spectacular!

  • Angie replied 5 months ago

    Thanks, Sal! Sam and Jo win the cutest award, by far :)

    Bijou! You have the best Westie jumper. Such a treasure! Thanks for the kind words.

  • Cee replied 5 months ago

    Explain the leopard skin loin cloths then !

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