New Red Specs!

I LOVE my light blue specs! Find #1 (For long distances like walking, driving, and looking at screens far away). 

I LOVE my see-through pink perspex specs! Find #2 (Progressives for work station, short distances, close-ups, and sometimes reading).

AND, I was missing my red specs :)

So I got a new pair - Find #3 - and made them progressives because those are the prescription I wear the most in stores, in homes, and in the dressing room when working with my clients. Now I can swap between red and pink!

Yes, my prescriptions are complicated. Can't have my needs sorted with one prescription and one set of specs, so need multiple for different situations. Always carrying the other prescription with me in my bag. And absolutely no contact lenses.

Red specs are natural for my style! Now with new dark blonde hair. 

I'm thrilled, and thanks for looking. xo

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  • Dottie replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful!  They are like a piece of jewelry!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, Dottie

    Yes! My specs are a VERY important accessory because I wear them all the time.

  • Suz replied 6 months ago

    LOVE love LOVE!! 

    What a gorgeous shape and colour for you. So much fun. 

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, Suz! As someone who loves red as much as I do - high five ;)

  • Jenni NZ replied 6 months ago

    I love red too! Those look wonderful. I’m enjoying having my 2 pairs these days, the more commonly worn of the pinky/purple and blue pattern, and the second pair of pinky/red. Mine are both progressives also, as are my sunglasses.

  • rachylou replied 6 months ago

    Awesome! Do you go any place particular to look for frames, Angie? Do you do online frame shopping?

  • Kathie replied 6 months ago

    Fantastic!! You have a wonderful assortment of specs- something for every outfit!

  • Janet replied 6 months ago

    Those are so great on you! I admire your ability to wear colorful specs -- when I try them, they seem to wear me! :-D I'll stick with my clear/neutral frames, but I love seeing these on you. 

  • nuancedream replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful!! I'm due for a new pair of eyeglasses next year and have been considering purple or red frames.

  • Ket replied 6 months ago

    These are terrific on you, Angie!! Clear red is one of your best colors. You look smashing in these!

  • Minaminu replied 6 months ago

    Brilliant specs! Suits you perfectly!

  • RobinF replied 6 months ago

    Cute! The red really pops. They are definitely an important accessory!

    I wear contacts but if I wore glasses would want a variety too.

  • Irina replied 6 months ago


  • Jenn replied 6 months ago

    I agree. These are a natural fit for your style and wardrobe.  Slam dunk!

  • Runcarla replied 6 months ago


  • Olive Green replied 6 months ago

    A glasses wardrobe is a real luxury. Like how the same basic shape takes on different vibes. 

  • BlueJay replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful! The red is so much fun and I can imagine them working with your wardrobe!

    I wear contacts for distance, driving, sports, etc, and have lots of inexpensive reading glasses. It's fun to choose frames to complement an outfit.

  • Lynette replied 6 months ago

    Angie you needed those!! How have you lived without red? I think they might become your most worn pair. Absolutely perfect to compliment your wardrobe. Great with both your hair and your eyes. Perfect choice.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, everyone! 

    JenniNZ, it's fun to switch out specs when you wear them daily! HIGH FIVE :)

    Carla, and Irina, appreciate the compliments!

    Olive Green and Kathie, indeed! My sunnies have to be prescriptive too. I don't do much jewellery. My specs are my jewels.

    Lynette, I know right? Had red specs in the past - MISSED them.

    Jenn and Minaminu, that's so lovely! :) 

    Rachy, I do! I have specific stores that stock brands that tend to work for me. I never shop online for eyewear. Must do it in person.

    Janet, you wear your specs with verve!

    Nuanceddream, I can see you in purple specs! 

    Ket, yes! A warm red is my colour. 

    RobinF and Blue Jay, high five on specs variety!

  • merwoman replied 6 months ago

    TKO! These look fabulous on you Angie!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, merwoman! What does TKO mean? ;)

  • cat2 replied 6 months ago

    Those are great! For some strange reason I have been repeating my 80s glasses choices, with burgundy frames for my day to day glasses and black frame Oliver People sunglasses. What’s next, a nice perm?

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, cat2! Your style is coming full circe, which is in itself fun :)

    And perms are making a comeback!

  • Carol replied 6 months ago

    Super cute! Just the right shade. Congratulations on the find.

  • Karie replied 6 months ago

    They’re gorgeous! I tried progressives, but just couldn’t get used to them. I have specs for distance, and a second pair just for reading.

  • Brooklyn replied 6 months ago

    They look fabulous. I love how you wear red as a neutral :)

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, everyone!

    Carol, you're sweet! :)

    Karie, I get it. Progressives can be very tricky. I've been lucky with my two pairs. But still need to change prescriptions during the day ;)

    Brooklyn, thanks for noticing that I wear red as a neutral! Similarly to how you wear burgundy ;)

  • Star replied 6 months ago

    Just Fab!  So You.

  • replied 6 months ago

    :) I thought you had some burgundy glasses too!

  • merwoman replied 6 months ago

    TKO, boxing term, total knock out! :)

  • kkards replied 6 months ago


    I’m still intrigued by people who change out their glasses.  I’m a daily wearer, but somehow for me I just like knowing that when I see my face in the mirror day after day it’s going to be the same!  Is that weird?  

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Star, thank you! 

    Suntiger, I do! The burgundy specs are spare, with an old prescription. Too dark with my new darker hair, so not putting a new prescription in them, IYKWIM!

    Merwoman, got it, and I'm blushing ;)

    kkards, not weird! Follow the feelings that make you feel at ease and ready for the day. 

  • Eliza replied 6 months ago

    Beautiful red on you, Angie. Great that you can switch it up; when glasses are a necessity they become central to your style. Loving your hair, too.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Eliza, you are a honey. Appreciate your astute and gracious comments! 

  • JP replied 6 months ago

    Looks beautiful on you and perfect with your hair!

  • Sal replied 6 months ago

    How perfect for you!! Look great.

  • Cardiff girl replied 6 months ago

    Just in time for Xmas!Lovely!

  • lyn67 replied 6 months ago

    These are fab once again! I agree, you really needed a red pair!! I now have my second set of 2 pcs. progressive specs of simillar prescriptions like you have detailed yours. They are tricky indeed but very usefull in the end-isn't it! 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 6 months ago

    How exciting! They are super fab on you. I'm glad you finally found them!
    I have a funny relationship to red glasses. I have gone in to the optical shop to find red specs several times, and I keep coming away with something different. I must like the idea of them better than I like them on my face. Ha!

  • Jaime replied 6 months ago

    They are so perfect on you they seem like a part of you. Beautiful!

  • slim cat replied 6 months ago

    Lovely addition - great color for Holiday and beyond ;-) ! Adorable on you!

  • The Cat replied 6 months ago

    Congratulations on getting red specs again! You wear red--and other coloured specs--so well, and they are perfect for your colourful style.

    I have reading specs in several colours, non-neutrals as well as neutrals. In many cases their colour will echo another item in my outfit. In other cases, it just feels natural to wear bold-coloured specs with a neutral outfit.

  • Cee replied 6 months ago

    *Angie Split Enz Cox:

    " When my babay's walkin' down the street,
    I see red ! I see red ! I see red !

    How could someone so slecht walk around free ?
    I see red ! I see red ! I see red ! ( ROOD ! )

    I seeeee rehh-hhh-hhhhd, I see red ! ( ROOD ! )
    Ja, it's my new glasses ! Aren't they funky !? I SEE RED ! I SEE RED ! I SEE RED ! ( ROOD ! ) "

    *Apologies to Neil Finn, Tim Finn, Split Enz, the entire Commonwealth of New Zealand, Sam Neill, Taika Waititi and Xena: Warrior Woman ( just to be safe ! )

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, everyone! 

    JP, Sal, Cardiff Gal, and Slim Cat, appreciate the kind words! YES. They are festive Christmas spec ;)

    Jaime, you are gracious!

    Lyn67, High five on having tricky prescriptions like me. No fun - yet multiple specs are fun ;)

    The Cat, NICE! You have it all stylishly figured out, and I had no doubt :)

    Sharan, HAH! Maybe you need burgundy specs? 

    Cee, I don't quite get the comment this time, yet you make me laugh :) 

  • Joyce B replied 6 months ago

    Those eyeglasses are fab. You wear them really well.

  • April replied 6 months ago

    I was amazed this year to learn that my two-year-old prescription had not changed so I could keep my glasses and my prescription sunnies, both of which I love.

    But I've been thinking about another pair in a bright color.  Angie inspo to the rescue!

  • Barbara Diane replied 6 months ago

    How fun!

  • Laura replied 6 months ago

    Such a flattering color on you!

    I have red specs too, though I wear specs only once in a while. They go with (almost) anything!

  • Cee replied 6 months ago

    1978 song by a Kiwi group, Split Enz:

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, Joyce, Cee and Barbara Diane

    April, hope you find a fun new pair that ticks off the boxes. 

    Laura, agreed! Red is very versatile, and high five :)

  • Bonnie replied 6 months ago

    I've always loved red glasses and yours are perfect. My readers are red, too.

  • Dee replied 6 months ago

    Love these, such a statement too. I tend to wear glasses that are quite understated, not sure why though, just not bold enough I suppose.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    bonnie, thanks! High five to red specs ;)

    Dee, thank you! Your understated eyewear suits your quite wardrobe palettes perfectly :) 

  • Tina replied 6 months ago

    I LOVE my red frames.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Good to hear, Tina! Go Team Red Specs :) 

  • AJ replied 6 months ago

    Fabulous!  Almost as lovely as you!

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    AJ, you are sweet :)

  • Mirjana replied 6 months ago

    New red specs are gorgeous, like a jewelry on you.

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Mirjana, thank you, and lovely to see you chime in again!

  • Jonesy replied 6 months ago

    Fabulous! You rock the cat eye shape and the red looks as good as the light blue and pink :). So fun to have options! I wear multiple pairs too: A dark maroon pair of cat eyes for computer work/reading, a navy metal pair of aviators for work, watching TV, driving, etc., and a prescription pair of aviator sunglasses for everything outdoors. 

  • Angie replied 6 months ago

    Thanks, Jonesy! Your own eyewear collection sounds amazing, and I expected nothing less! (My three pairs of sunnies have prescription lenses too :) )

    I've been wearing my new red progressive specs a LOT this week working with clients, and the lenses are spectacular! 

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