WiWs: Angelic WHITE-OUT

I LOVE to wear shades of white, and have done so my whole life. Especially in the Summer, and from head-to-toe. 

I LOVE to wear dresses, eyelet, white pants, pearls, and bat for Team Pretty Outfit!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get the perfect-for-me white eyelet dress. All good things come to those who wait ;) 

Here are some WHITE-OUT looks that I've worn recently to work with clients, go out to friends dinner parties, and eat out at restaurants. 

I'm a TRENDY CLASSIC. Sam and Jo always with me. 

The outfits have SUBTLE differences in the bags and shoes so watch out for them. Some dressed up, and some dressed down with sneakers and crossbodies for doggie walking and more casual gatherings. No heels. 

I like to combine White-Out with cream, taupe, and gold shoes and bags. I mix creams and whites. I think it looks modern! 

Often when I wear WHITE-OUT, a friend or client remarks that I look angelic. I laugh because my name - ANGÉLIQUE - means "angelic". Apparently, I'm dressing to the meaning of my name! My dear Mama named me after her favourite racy French romance novels...... not so angelic......which cracks me up too.

The outfits look a little drab against the background in front of my mirror. They look better in the real world with all sorts of backdrops! Oh, well! You get the idea.....

Bonus photo taken last night of Greg and me out to dinner with friends and I'm wearing the dress the dressy way. 

Thanks for looking! xo


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