WiWs: Angelic WHITE-OUT

I LOVE to wear shades of white, and have done so my whole life. Especially in the Summer, and from head-to-toe. 

I LOVE to wear dresses, eyelet, white pants, pearls, and bat for Team Pretty Outfit!

I can't believe it's taken me this long to get the perfect-for-me white eyelet dress. All good things come to those who wait ;) 

Here are some WHITE-OUT looks that I've worn recently to work with clients, go out to friends dinner parties, and eat out at restaurants. 

I'm a TRENDY CLASSIC. Sam and Jo always with me. 

The outfits have SUBTLE differences in the bags and shoes so watch out for them. Some dressed up, and some dressed down with sneakers and crossbodies for doggie walking and more casual gatherings. No heels. 

I like to combine White-Out with cream, taupe, and gold shoes and bags. I mix creams and whites. I think it looks modern! 

Often when I wear WHITE-OUT, a friend or client remarks that I look angelic. I laugh because my name - ANGÉLIQUE - means "angelic". Apparently, I'm dressing to the meaning of my name! My dear Mama named me after her favourite racy French romance novels...... not so angelic......which cracks me up too.

The outfits look a little drab against the background in front of my mirror. They look better in the real world with all sorts of backdrops! Oh, well! You get the idea.....

Bonus photo taken last night of Greg and me out to dinner with friends and I'm wearing the dress the dressy way. 

Thanks for looking! xo

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  • kkards replied 10 months ago

    The white sunnies take everything up a notch.  I’m loving the white with gold, it’s got a fresh sunny vibe.   And love the eyelet, and the subtle way the belt in pants outfit  tries the blouse and shoes together 

  • Minaminu replied 10 months ago

    oh Angélique, Marquise des Anges! It's been a while since I last watch it! 

    You look lovely in white and thank you for sharing so many outfits with different proportions and fits! I must try wide trousers with pointed shoes, it  is a very nice look. 

    Beautiful pic with the hubby, you look so happy and relaxed, and your dogs look so adorable! 

  • slim cat replied 10 months ago

    You have a special power to wear white outfits - joy to see and admire!
    The picture with your husband is lovely!

  • Suz replied 10 months ago

    Oooh, so lovely! I especially love the photo of you and Greg! 

    The eyelet dress and blouse are extremely pretty on you. So light and fresh and easily laundered, too, I am sure, being cotton. 

    I especially love the white with the sand or light taupe or beige Furla -- so elegant. The changes in bags and footwear definitely change the mood a bit and allow you to be ready for whatever's on the agenda! 

  • Star replied 10 months ago

    Gorgeous!  You are making me want an eyelet item.  Doggies are so cute - I had to show them to my DH.

  • Bonnie replied 10 months ago

    What a beautiful set of outfits. The dress is perfect and surprisingly versatile. That's a great photo of you and Greg!

  • Vildy replied 10 months ago

    I think of angels as massive fiery beings but I'm happy to think of them as mischievous and full of hi-jinks as per your wonderful photos.

  • kellygirl replied 10 months ago

    Omg, you are stunning in white! You style everything to perfection--such a treat to see you in action. Love the photo of you and Greg too--you both look radiant!

  • Katerina replied 10 months ago

    What a beautiful set of outfits, Angie! You look stunning. The dress is perfect on you indeed! I also love the gold satchel. Can’t remember seeing it on you before…. Is it new?

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Thanks for the kind words!

    kkards, go Team White Bottoms! It's been years, but I'm batting for Team Belt again. And yes to summery white and gold. 

    Minaminu, fab that your French self chimed in! I'll watch the movie again too. Please try pointy toe flats with wide crops. I think you'll like it. Appreciate the gracious compliments.

    Slim Cat, so sweet, you are!

    Suz, YES! All easy to launder, 100% cotton, and I don't mind pressing the lot. Versatile items that can be dressed up and down are winners, and the taupe Furla with the guitar strap has been GREAT. Thanks for noticing "the pretty" :)

    Star, awwww! Sam and Jo are blushing. Hope you find a fab eyelet top. 

    bonnie and slimcat, thanks for your always lovely words!

    Vildy, thanks for making me laugh in your unique and eloquent way :)

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Kelly, WOW. That is mega high praise and I'm blushing! Many thanks :)

    Katerina, lovely to see you! Appreciate the lovely compliments too. Thank you! YES. The gold bag is new. Italian brand, Corsia. Got it on discount on YOOX. Converts into a crossbody. I love it! Versatile and glitzy.

  • LJP replied 10 months ago

    I have a secret fondness for white eyelet too :) . I don’t own anything currently but you never know ! I quite like your (new?) translucent pink glasses and ne gold bag too ! Great photo of you and Greg :)

  • Runcarla replied 10 months ago

    What a great dress for you!  My fave outfits are the ones with the square toe loafers.  There’s an early 60’s mod vibe that I love.  

  • Echo replied 10 months ago

    Ooh, you truly look magnificent in white! And white with gold looks fresh and new to me, as for some reason I am used to seeing it with silver. Inspirational outfits!

  • bj1111 replied 10 months ago

    So much fun!

    Do you bring Sam to work with clients? I would call that a bonus

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    LJP, go Team White Eyelet! Very French, to go with my name. Had the pink specs for a while, actually! They are "for close-by" -  so I wear them at the dinner table when we go out. The blue specs are for distance.

    Carla, thanks for the dress love! Are you a loafer-gal too? 

    Echo, that's high praise! Thank you! Lovely to see you chime in :)

  • Cardiff girl replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful!Blondes really do suit lighter colours especially in the summer and you look smashing in all these light outfits.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    bj11111, thanks! Sam HAS gone to clients occasionally. He's chill and well behaved. Jo is working towards that type of good behaviour ;) 

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Cardiff Girl, I thoroughly enjoy a light neutral palette with my darker blonde hair. Works too! Thanks for the kind words. 

  • Janet replied 10 months ago

    Gorgeous! I like white eyelet too, but have never quite found the right piece for me. And of course I lack your magical ability to keep white items clean, so I am very careful to 1) get items that launder easily, and 2) not spend a terribly high amount on most white items as I’ll surely stain them at some point. :-D

    I love the photo of you and Greg — both looking fabulous!

  • SarahD8 replied 10 months ago

    Gosh I love all these looks! I am on the hunt for a white summer dress too. And of course you just suggested white/pale pants to me so thanks for showing how it’s done. I really like mixed shades of white/cream too. And I love the subtle variations you achieve with accessories here!

  • Jenni NZ replied 10 months ago

    So beautiful! And really does suit your name too!
    I love white eyelet. I think I call it broderie anglaise? Which is English?!

  • Sal replied 10 months ago

    You look wonderful Angie! I like the pants look especially - and I love the gold bag and pointed flats.

    And I laughed about Jo working to improve her behaviour and the story behind your name. Thanks for sharing those things.

  • AndiB replied 10 months ago

    So pretty! Really love the clear specs in that last shot, too! Feeling the need for another pair of Ecco’s, the gold and white is a great extra neutral!

  • Bee replied 10 months ago

    I’ve been making an extra effort to invest in more white (or at the very least ivory/off white) items recently. I somehow got the idea, don’t ask me when, why or even how, that white makes me look washed out because it doesn’t have enough contrast to my natural skin color. Maybe I’ve been wearing my husband’s old, discolored t shirts to sleep for too long?

    I put on a crisp, snug fitting, never before worn white cotton v neck T that had been hiding at the bottom of a drawer for God knows how long the other day and was shocked at how fresh and bright my face looked. Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that I’ve been getting some indirect late afternoon sunlight recently. Even though I’m 99% more likely to burn and peel than tan, my cheeks do get rosy and my shoulders tend to freckle.

    So I’m making a resolution to buy a white dress (for the first time since my wedding) before the end of the summer. Something short, simple and sweet. Eyelet appeals to me especially.

    And I couldn’t help but add this antique Edwardian gem that I found while searching my image library.

    Angie, you look amazing, as always.

  • Irina replied 10 months ago

    Stunning, absolutely stunning!

  • ChristelJ replied 10 months ago

    Angie, your angelic whites are sublime, wow. Just seeing these pics is making me happy.

  • Dee replied 10 months ago

    Haha, love the back story behind your name and my heavens you do look like an angel in these all white outfits. Love white eyelet, so dainty and a real classic
    Sweet photo of you and your husband, is that a white beard I see too?

  • Laura replied 10 months ago

    Angelic Angie for the win! White eyelet is fresh and crisp and complements your new 'do beautifully. Didn't you have that white eyelet BR mermaid-style dress several years ago? Maybe yours was a different color? Loved that style, too!

  • Debora replied 10 months ago

    You are absolutely stunning in white eyelet! Love!!!

  • Jaime replied 10 months ago

    I noticed the subtle shoe and bag changes right away :) ! Master class in toning an outfit up or down. And all along the beautiful white and gold theme. Love the origin story for your name - you are a spicy angel! And what a beautiful picture of you and Greg! 

  • Bijou replied 10 months ago

    White eyelet is an absolute summer essential for me too - I adore both outfits and will keep an eagle eye out for that Zara dress when the Australian summer stock arrives. Some of my best white eyelet has been from Zara. 

    You and Greg are soulmates, a photo that says so very much.

  • The Cat replied 10 months ago

    You look young and lovely in your beautiful white dress. Just as a happy bride! :-)

  • Olive Green replied 10 months ago

    So pretty. I love your poses, they perfectly illustrate the joy of fashion. 

  • Brooklyn replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful dress for beautiful you. You have never looked better. X

  • Column replied 10 months ago

    Lovely! I appreciate the photo feast! And I agree that the photo of you and Greg beautifully exudes a perfect love.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Thanks for the awfully lovely words, everyone! Sorry to post and run. We went to a wedding yesterday and the time simply slipped away ;)

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Brooklyn, Olive Green, Deb, Column, The Cat, Bee, Column, ChristelJ and Irina, appreciate the sweet and kind compliments! Thanks for chiming in :)

    AndiB, I highly reccomend the gold ECCOS! Very versatile. I've duplicated. 

    Jaime, spicy angel made me LAUGH! :)  Glad you noticed the subtle outfit changes. 

    Bijou, I hope we become Zara dress twins!

    Laura, I can't seem to recall a white mermaid dress.....I'm racking my brains. I had a NAVY BR eyelet dress!

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Janet, I can see you wear black eyelet!

    Dee, YES! Hubs Greg has a very short silver beard. He's my silver fox :)

    SarahD8, hope you try light bottoms. I vote ecru jeans!

    JenniNZ, I used to say broderie anglaise. No one in the US knew what I was talking about! I switched to eyelet :)

    Sal, good to have a good laugh! 

  • gryffin replied 10 months ago

    Angie - you do look so angelic, joyous and elegant! Such a fantastic pic w Greg! I’ve always had a sugar eye for white eyelet - just wonderful. Reminds me of your gorgeous Anne Fontaine shirts. Do you still wear them? They were so beautiful on you!! Although your super power of staying pristine with little paws still boggles my mind!

  • JP replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful outfits, Angie! That dress is perfect on you. My favorite outfits are the eyelet shirt and the wide leg pants.  White is my favorite color (well it's not a color, but... )
    Sam & Joe are adorable as always
    You & Greg look great and I think you look the most angelic in that photo

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Thanks so much!

    Gryffin, good memory! I wish I had those gorgeous Anne Fontaine eyelet shirts. I wore them until they ripped at the seams - literally. Could not be fixed :(

    JP, wooooohooooo! Go Team White! :)

  • Style Fan replied 10 months ago

    Angie, you look like an angel in your white eyelet dress.  Beautiful picture of you and Greg.  
    White and gold is a gorgeous combination.  

  • Debbie replied 10 months ago

    What a treat!! You look absolutely stunning in white. I love every outfit. You are beautiful inside and out. I wish I could wear white half as well as you do! I so enjoy your outfits. 

    I am finally going to Zara tomorrow. I am so excited!

  • Karie replied 10 months ago

    Angie, you look stunning in white outfits, and that dress is simply gorgeous. I’m always afraid of getting my white clothing stained (my MIL once had someone spill red cranberry juice all over her white pants while on an airplane- horrors!) but I have been forcing myself to get over that fear. I’ve been both purchasing more white items and wearing them, along with the ones I already have, more often.
    As always, I love the pictures of you and the pups!

  • lyn67 replied 10 months ago

    Angelic, indeed-and not only You! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pictie!:-))
    BTW the dress/the top +photobombers are K2K in all others!!! 

  • replied 10 months ago

    You were made to wear white! Aww to Sam and Jo :)

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Thanks, everyone! 

    Style Fan, go Team White and Gold! Just as fab, as white and silver. 

    Debbie, you are such a sweetheart and I'm blushing. YOU wear white with the best of them! Your new silverly white hair makes white one of your best colours! Have fun at Zara.

    Karie, wonderful to see you chime in, and YES to not being precious about wearing white! Pups send tail wags and snuggles your way. 

    Lyn67, your words make me smile! Always gracious and funny :)

    Suntiger, good to know! Good thing I like wearing white. Sam and Jo don't mind either :) 

  • Helena replied 10 months ago

    Beautiful! Love eyelet, and love those white pants. White out looks fab on you Angie! And lovely photo of you and Greg xx

  • RobinF replied 10 months ago

    Ooh love it! That dress is beautiful! You look so good in white.

  • Val replied 10 months ago

    All of these are my favorite. The gradation from pure white to cream, gold and taupe is so good. It seems to integrate the white with other things around it like your hair, skin tone, doggies, and whatever environment you’re in.

  • Dana replied 10 months ago

    Perfection! As always! I so admire your super power of keeping clean in white! I wore a white dress to dinner Saturday night and was quite nervous while I ate. 

    I love the clear/pink glasses!! New? 

  • morethanbeige replied 10 months ago

    I love all these white-out looks. That dress is stunning! And great photo of you and Greg!

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Helena, morethanbeige and RobinF, thanks for the awfully kind words!

    Val, nice artistic summation!

    Dana, appreciate the compliments! No eating of red pasta sauce in white dresses ;)

  • Cee replied 10 months ago

    You're lookin' more than alright in the white, Angie :D

  • Eliza replied 10 months ago

    Love these outfits; you and your photo companions look terrific, Angie, You offer a tutorial in wearing white here; I am impressed by your magical powers to look pristine and how the accessories take you anywhere. Great hair, too; somehow retro, classic and fresh simultaneously.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Thanks, Cee! Lovely to see you chime in :) 

    Eliza, you are always gracious and supportive! Much appreciated.

  • Mary Beth (formerly LBD) replied 10 months ago

    I love love love these looks, Angie!

    I've been wearing a lot of white this year, but more coastal cowgirl-leaning. 

  • rachylou replied 10 months ago

    I supremely love esp the pants and loafers way, like in 11. I could easily march around in that :D

    Also… Greg is looking very Norwegian! ;)

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Mary Beth, thank you! Look forward to seeing your cowgirl versions :) 

    Rachy, I will tell South African Greg! His heritage is British. Very Scottish - which is not far from Scandinavia! 

  • Cee replied 10 months ago

    You're more daring than me wearing white pants, Lady Cox... I'd be too paranoid getting them stained !

    The last time I wore white was last week. It was a cream cashmere poloneck, but I layered it under a navy V-neck sweater in case I spilled food on myself when I went out to dinner later that day :D

  • Vicki replied 10 months ago

    Your white-out is both divine and playful and I love it!  The eyelet dress really caught my eye (duh, funny way to say that) and your little ones are the best accessories.  Adored the bonus photo with Greg and you two make such a striking and loving couple.  It was fun to read the story about where your name came from and your mother's equally playful side.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Cee, HAH! Creative layering. And did you spill? 

    Vicki, thanks for your gracious and engaged words as always! 

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 10 months ago

    You are a vision in white, Angie! The dress is gorgeous on you, dressed up and dressed down. I adore the tie belt. You and Greg are a stunning couple! You know the doggies usually steal the show, but I think in this round of photos, you are holding your own!! ;)

  • Cee replied 10 months ago

    No... and I even thought of tucking my napkin into my turtleneck :D

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Cee, good job, and why not! 

    Sharan, that is awfully gracious! WOW. I can't possible up Sam and Jo, although thank you for saying so :) 

  • Mirjana replied 10 months ago

    OMG, what a beautiful dress, you look stunning. I especially like with gold accessories, adorable. I can't stop watching, it's a feast for the eyes.

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Mirjana, you are darling, and inspirational ! :)

  • sabimct replied 10 months ago

    I enjoyed this series of pictures SO much - thank you for sharing Angie!

    Thanks too, for the little reminder to note the subtle details in mixing of white and cream, and of noting footwear changes.

    I know I say it often - but I learn so much from these pictures you post of your own style and how you put things together.  It gives me confidence!  Thank you!

  • Angie replied 10 months ago

    Sabrina, thanks for the always positive and encouraging blog and forum comments! They do not go unnoticed :) 

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