OOTD: Easy T-Shirt Dress

COVID-19 quarantine life in Seattle is 3 and quarter months in, and just the same at the Cox Castle - although we could all have a haircut a few weeks ago!

Working from home, and really - nowhere to go, other than walk Sam and the occasional errand run on foot. No clients, no shopping, no traveling, and no gatherings at all. No eating out, but we have ventured into take-aways! The same anxieties and stresses remain, but we soldier through them day to day. We are strong, upbeat, grateful and safe. 

Moving into Modified Phase 1 means that there are more people out, and more cars on the road. But very little is open. Lots of restaurants and most retailers are still very boarded up around here because of the protests. The graffiti is quite stunning. Some restaurants and cafes are opening their outside patios with 30% capacity on Friday to Sunday. Very few offering indoor dining at 25% capacity. 

Apparently things will open very slowly next week, when we might move into Phase 2. Nordies flagship will re-open on June 23rd, but will be a very, very soft opening. 

This is the first time I'm wearing the RL very casual T-shirt dress that I bought in January. It's navy and tomato. I had to wait for Summer weather, which has finally arrived :) Gorgeously sunny and 23C. Up to 26C soon. WOOHOOO! I'm going to wear my pretty dresses every day. 

Modern Classics work well on me, which is why I am drawn to them. Nothing to explain here really, other than that Greg loves the dress, I felt Euro wearing this look, it's very comfortable/practical, and I no longer wear lipstick. Forgot to take a pic of my mask, which I wear whenever I go out the front door.

Hair is naturally tousled, and doing its own thing. Very much enjoying my low maintenance hair - sign of the times. I am growing it into a short '70s shag of sorts. I like to have hair projects!

Thanks for looking. Off to walk Sam, and think about which cake I'm going to bake next :)


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OOTD: Silky Neon

This is what I'm wearing to wear at home, run to the post office, and walk Sam today!

The state of Washington continues to be shut down. Our stay at home order was extended to May 31st. My haircut is pushed out till June 5th. 4 MONTHS since my last cut and colour. Quite the record :(

You know my stay at home style drill..... :)

I have been up since 4.45am. Had my first meeting about my Dad with the Netherlands and London at 5.30am. Things are tricky with Dad, unfortunately. But onward, and one day at a time! I am positive. 

I am reminded by how much I LOVE to wear an impeccable silk blouse with trendy jeans. It feels sooooo good, and is soooooo easy! I would like another classic blouse like this. Really suits this leg of my style journey.

I chose an 8 year old J.Crew jacket to top things off because of their bankruptcy news today. 

I LOVE neon! Bright non-neutrals have a very positive, soothing and energizing effect on me. It's why I don't wear black and grey, and I hope that makes sense. Horses for courses. Always. 

At-home-only sneakers and blush bag to match. Blush is neutral in my wardrobe. I wear a mask outside.

This will be my last quarantine outfit post for a little while. I’ve been at it for 7 or 8 weeks. Sam and I are on a modeling break ;)

Thanks for looking! xo 


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OOTD: Twist & Shout

This is what I'm wearing today to stay at home, work, organize, cook, and walk Sam! It was a busy day. Lots to organize for Dad, but so far so good.   

Our stay-at-home order will not be lifted soon, so we're carrying on.... in quarantine......doing our thing.  A happy and calm little family of three. Grateful. Governor is announcing our next steps tomorrow. 

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, 11 week old haircut that has found a new sweet spot, shoved behind my ears!, some make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

I CAN TWIST AGAIN WITHOUT PAIN - 5 and a half months after my fall. WOOOHOOO :)

Today, I felt like a dressier look. With loafers or boots, I'd have worn this to a client meeting. But you know - sneaks for at home!

Lots of twisting poses to celebrate my twisting.

I LOVE trendy '80s pants!

I LOVE short jackets! 

I LOVE modern classic tops! 

I LOVE blue, red and white! Pink mellows things a bit and adds some pretty.

I LOVE dots and checks!

So here you go. And Sam prefers to model on his own.

Thanks for looking! Back to being a busy bee...xo

P.s. no outfit posts on Fridays. I take Angie-time and therapeutically scrub the house in a scrubbing dress :)


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OOTD: Old Spring Fave

This is what I'm wearing today to stay at home, work, organize, cook, and walk Sam! It's been a lovely mild and sunny day, although the wind and rain have just set in :(

Our stay-at-home order will not be lifted soon, so we're carrying on.... in quarantine......doing our thing. 

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, 11 week old haircut that has found a new sweet spot, shoved behind my ears!, some make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

I was in the mood for a more complex vibe this morning after yesterday's simple look. I chose an outfit I wear every Spring with a pair of updated white jeans. So here, the Everlane jeans are new this year, and everything else is 4 to 5 years old. The items are gorgeous quality and look new! ........back in the day when J.Crew made beautiful stuff. 

The blouse and scarf are a twinset match. I LOVE it! The colours lift my spirits, and the scarf is a fab wrap for when I work at my desk and feel a chill. I couldn't be more comfortable. 

I wear a mask whenever I go out. Goodbye lipstick. 

Sam thinks that Platypus and Grimbold Dragon are much more compelling than my silly outfit. I agree! :)

Something went wrong with my phone settings when I took pics of the look with the coat. Sorry about the blurred pics.

Feeling calm, strong, and positive! Off to walk Sam, vacuum, and make salmon supper. Thanks for looking! xo


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OOTD: Simple Streamlined Quality

This is what I'm wearing today to stay at home, do lots of stuff at home, and walk Sam!

The state of Washington - (Seattle is in Washington state for those not in the US) - is not lifting its "stay at home" order next week. It's going to be a while for us. Washington is reopening its economy VERY slowly with California and Oregon, in phases, and with lots of restrictions in place along the way. 

So it's my quarantine style at the Cox Castle with my boys for longer! I've been posting my stay at home outfits for 6 weeks....so I shan't repeat the boring drill.

Modelling is not natural for me. I'm glad I'm not an outfit blogger. Sam is a natural. He needs his own blog :)

My growing hair will be Birds Nest Chic by the time I have it cut....... eventually.

I chose a very simple and streamlined Spring outfit formula today because I was in a simple mood:

Trousers + Pullover + Blazer + Sneakers + Crossbody 

Actually, most of what is in my wardrobe is simple if you look at it item for item, so I had a lot to choose from! It's the colours, and how the items are combined in an outfit that give the items an interesting integrity. 

Here, the items I'm wearing are not only simple and fairly classic, but the quality is exceptional. Beautiful workmanship and fabrics. I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! I have washed the BR citron pullover many times in the machine at home - flawless. The Theory pants are one of the best I own. The Joie blazer is an understated showpiece, and the Furlas speak for themselves. The Eccos are exceptionally well made too. 

Which Furla did I choose?

Thanks for looking! Off to take Sam out and make fried rice with leftovers. xo


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OOTD: All Saints Denim Dress

This is what I'm wearing at home today to work, organize, clean, watch the news, and to walk Sam. I also dropped a package off at USPS, just up the road. Haven't driven in 6 weeks! Love that part. Wish I never had to drive again...

It's Koningsdag in the Netherlands, so no 5am calls, texts and meetings today. That was welcome. I slept in till 6am. Dad fragile and vulnerable, but doing better with increased at home care. 

My usual quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home ONLY sneakers, some accessories, and wearing my pretty clothes because they make me happy, keep me positive, and give me strength. My wardrobe is one of the things that gives me guaranteed joy daily, and I am milking it. 

11 weeks into hair grow (usually have it cut every 6 weeks). Tucking it behind my ears on both sides. It's fine!

It's a GORGEOUS sunny Seattle Spring day. Windy, but pretty. This DOES lift my mood. And so.......I was in the mood for my new dress,  which I bought for a song a few weeks ago when it was on heavy discount. 

I LOVE MY NEW DRESS! It fits perfectly, it beautifully made, very comfy,  looks sharp, and is a lovely shade of polished blue denim. It's A-line so  unique for this style of dress, and with two slits - back and front "car wash" vibe - so that I can charge around fast like I usually do. I don't wear sheaths or pencil skirts because I need styles that move at the bottom, which this one does! 

A little lace in front for some pretty.

Polka dot blazer for tone-on-tone fun.

Crossbody to walk Sam. And a mask which I forgot to photograph again....

Light blue sneakers because they are one of my at-home-only options. At this rate, I will never wear non-sneakers again! I haven't missed my regular shoes at all. I'm just not a shoe gal.....

Sam approves, and Greg loves the dress too. Good to have confirmation from both in-house fashion stylists. 

Thanks for looking! Off to walk and bath Sam, and sanitize the house. Yummy leftover turkey mince and veggie curry for supper tonight, so no need to cook. 


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OOTD: EASY Emotional Comfort

This is what I'm wearing today to work from home, clean, cook, organize, catch up, watch the news, and walk Sam. It's the usual quarantine modus operandi at the Cox Castle. 

My day started as early - 5am - with phone calls to the Netherlands that went on for a while. Despite the stress and a bad's night's sleep, I felt surprisingly energized, calm, strong, and more positive today. I had a lot to do, and got right to it. Thank you adrenaline, and my therapeutic home setting with my precious boys!

Pandering to my need for emotional comfort and EASY dressing - nothing remotely complicated today please - I chose to wear simple signature wardrobe items that soothe my mind, body and spirit. For me, that means Trendy Classic:

         White jeans + Striped Top + Sour Brights + Happy Feet 

Sam's collar matches my outfit perfectly. I can't help it ;)

TEN year old citron trench coat. 

You know my quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home sneakers..... blah, blah, bah...... 

I have officially joined Team Rate Hair. Goodbye polished 'do.....

I'll be taking another personal day tomorrow. Making more therapeutic cake, attending to Dad from afar, and scrubbing the house. It's mop the loft day tomorrow. Wooohooo! I love a gleaming floor. So this is the last outfit post for this week. 

Thanks for looking. I'm off to sanitize, and heat up leftovers. More easy stuff tonight :)


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OOTD: Tired Blue & Desparate Dots (TYPOS FIXED!)

I was on the phone calling, talking and texting to the Netherlands and London pretty much from 5am to 11am this morning sorting things out for my Dad. It was quite hectic. By noon, I was ready to go back to bed! I'm tired.

So ....... this is what I chose to wear today to stay at home, walk Sam, work, organize, clean, and cook. Blue for my blue mood, and dots to desperately perk me up. It worked for a while :)

It's cool, grey and rainy in Seattle. I chose a range of toppers, and am layered up for outside. I wear my 12 year old white leather jacket under my Hobbs trench very comfortably. And the raincoat in the down pour. My specs misted up sooooo much in the pouring rain while wearing a mask, I had to take them off to see. I have a better mask and will use that tomorrow when it's clean.

You know my quarantine drill ......styled hair, make-up, at home sneakers..... blah, blah, bah..!

Not my usual upbeat and energetic self today. The pics don't lie! Bad hair day too. Oh well! Onward we go. Always.

Sam is on partial modeling strike and demanding extended playtime. I gave in to his strike. 

Thanks for looking. We need comforting mac 'n cheese tonight :) xo


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OOTD: Tinkerbell

This is what I'm wearing to stay at home, and walk Sam. We aren't going anyway. Our walks and occasional pharmacy runs are very close by on foot, and we're managing delivery of groceries every two weeks.

Today was a tougher day. I was ready for a buzz cut this afternoon. 

After a month of posting my quarantine WFH outfits here - you know my drill.....styled hair, make-up, at home sneakers..... blah, blah, bah.... :)

I'm REALLY into skirts at the moment, of which I don't have many. Maybe I'll evolve that part of my style? Wearing a roomy soft skirt with a sweatshirt should qualify as lounge wear! SOOO COMFY. I love it! Hence I pulled together this look. The skirt is bias-cut so lots of movement.

I add pearls and keep the colours pretty to feel like me. I guess this is a version of Sporty Luxe. 

Two toppers, layered for the possibility of rain. Yes, I wear a mask and forgot to photograph it.

I give you Tinkerbell with a touch of Paddington Bear. (The outfit reminds me of fairies). 

Thanks for looking! I'm off to finish cooking vegan hot dogs with fixings. 

ETA: mugs that match too


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This is what I'm wearing to stay at home today, and walk Sam! Gorgeous weather and 21C, which helps a great ideal. Unusual for Seattle at this time of year, and quite the gift. WOW!

The early morning was stressful. I spent 3.5 hrs on the phone to the Netherlands and London sorting things out and finding solutions for my Dad. We found some solutions, and Papa is doing okay. 

FWIW, I could spend the day sad and crying about the state of the world at the moment, because it's absolutely devastating. I've shed my share of tears and had sad days. I force myself out of that mindset because it doesn't help the world, or me, or those around me. Immune systems are boosted by positive thinking, and that's very important. The best thing I can do to help the world is stay healthy, calm, at home, very busy, strong for others, look after my chickens, and get the job done (whatever that means from day to day). So my chin was UP by mid morning!

The daily drill for my AT HOME LOOK: shower, hair that is harder and harder to style but effectively trimmed by Greg!, some make-up, an outfit that panders to my feelings when I get dressed, at home only sneakers, and some important accessories.

I felt like wearing old lemon jeans that make me think of sweet Italy, and my new trendy Zara shirt that's been waiting for a warm sunny day. A little lace peaking out adds some pretty. An old light blue denim jacket for the breezy wind by the water is a must! And at-home-only Seinfeld sneakers support my feet.  

Sam is on a modelling hiatus, and on Team Playtime for now.... ;)

Thanks for looking! I'm off to cook and rest my still not perfect back. I'll  be taking the day off tomorrow so that I can get in some yoga after the early morning hustle and bustle with the other side of the world. Make sure my Dad is okay, and scrub the house!

Have a wonderful weekend, and take care everyone. xo



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