Beach and Pool Capsule Pics!

If you missed it and are interested in the details, here's the recent post:

Big update and refresh was in order for an upcoming trip to Greece, and a couple of pool vacations. I'm set and can forget about this capsule for a good long while!

Everything is new apart from the old white shorts, packable straw hat, and beach bag. A solid beach tote would be visually better. But I adore my old polka dot darling and didn't want another! 

I need to get used to the pool slides! They are chunky, and I bat for Team Dainty Shoes. But super comfy and practical. My feet don't like flip flops. They were the right decision. 

New iconic classic round RayBans have prescription lenses. Thrilled! Already workhorses. In fact, I'm thrilled with everything. Lots of mixing and matching. Lots of colour. Very comfy. Coverage and support in the right places :)

This time, I have beachy waves to go with the capsule....

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIWs: Jumpsuits!

  • I'm over my challenge with jumpsuits! NEVER SAY NEVER. Soooo comfy! Lots of pockets.
  • I have three, and here are two of them. The one is '80s, and the other '70s. If I get a '60s jumpsuit - I'll have covered my favourite fashion eras.
  • All items are old apart from the denim jumpsuit and turquoise pumps. It's a miracle I can walk in these 1.75 inch heels! 
  • I am always remixing new items with old items. Keeps the wardrobe cohesive and more sustainable.
  • Wore the pink boiler suit today. Errands, WFH, casual meetings, and doggie walking. 
  • Wore the new "Charlie's Angels" denim jumpsuit twice - casually with sneakers, and with heels. Out to dinner, and to work with a client. Feel magical in it :)
  • The denim jumpsuit found me! I saw it, gasped, had to try it on, and it was love at first sight. It's my most fun purchase of 2023, and an unexpected wild card! 
  • Off my item blazers. I'm only into blazers when they are part of pants suits. Much more into cheeky SHORT jackets. Maybe it's because of the new hair??? Not sure! But following my feelings. NAS peachy-toffee pleather jacket for $49 is a WORKHORSE! Impeccable quality. Puts some designer stuff to shame.
  • I'm a shoe and bag matcher. Not all the time, but more in Spring and Summer because I have shoes in the colours of the bags.
  • I bat for Team Dainty Shoes.  
  • Pearls. Specs. Always.
  • Hair is a little '70s too. And I like it! 
  • Sam and Jo are almost always with me, and part of my outfits. My outfits must work with my very doggie life. It's authentic that they are constant photo bombers. 

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIW: The Zara Co-ord

Seattle has been breaking heat records for four days straight. Hottest days ever recorded in May. It is hot. 30C to 33C plus, and humid. And very few people have a/c here - because we never needed it! 

We do not have a/c and our loft is HOT. 

Hence my VERY breezy, lightweight, and ventilating outfit in 100% cotton. A NAVY and cream patterned pants set (Zara says black - incorrect - it is absolutely navy). 

These fluid solid and patterned pants sets were one of my favourite looks in the '90s. Thrilled I can cross them off my shopping list! They are beachy - and perfect for HOT weather when you don't want to wear a dress, skirt, or shorts. I lived in beachy hot Cape Town in the '90s, so it worked very well. It's working as well in our heatwave!

I LOVE this set (and my solid citron set here)! The '60s pattern is appealing, and so is the nod to the '70s. Despite the heat, I've been prancing around in it feeling playful, nostalgic, cheeky, and very comfy! 

The sandals have closed backs, so the long hems on the pants work just fine. The hems do not get caught under my heels as I stride. 

Waving to ChristinaF who has the same set. Waving to Suz who wants to try the set. Waving to Laura who loves '90s sets like I do. Waving to Katerina who mentioned it's a great alternative to dresses :)

I was at the vet with Sam and Jo this morning. Now I'm off to walk them and run errands downtown on foot. Busy on this sizzling Seattle day. I'm wearing the right thing! 

Thanks for looking. xo

ETA: Just saw the weird reflections of sunlight in the mirror. The print is perfect though - I assure you.


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WIWs: BIG White Jeans


One of my all time favourite items to wear!

I like to keep my bottoms on trend, and tend to be an early adopter of new bottom silhouettes. I'm into trendy FULL LENGTH wide legs at the moment, which meant that these Frame white jeans were calling my name. I ADORE them. Big, yet not overwhelming. Very comfortable. They became instant workhorses as soon as the weather warmed, and dried. (Waving at Tanya who has them too!)

I have regular length legs. They look long because the pants are FULL LENGTH. And tucking my top lengthens the leg line from the hips upwards. I'm wearing flat loafers. If I wore heels, my legs would look longer.

I've worn these glorious jeans many ways, and am showing you the first two. More trends coming through in these outfits: 

Outfit 1: Pattern Mixed: Lemon jumper, Kate Spade belt, Tweed jacket, loafers, Furla, Pearls, Sam and Jo. 

*the Japanese fresh water baby pearls are newish, and a gift from hubs Greg at the start of the pandemic. I've been wearing them a lot lately because the vibe works well with my longer hair, (to my eye, anyway!)

Outfit 2: Greenly Puffed: Puffy sleeves and I have a good relationship. I enjoy them. These exaggerated ones in bright green were too fun to pass up! Feel like I can kick-arse in them. Same belt, white Mary Janes, and an old yellow Tory Burch bag. 

Shopping with a client all day tomorrow. I think I'll wear my BIG white jeans :)

Thanks for looking. xo


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WIW: Relaxed Spring Oldies

(For JenniNZ and others, who enjoy seeing older wardrobe items in action on the forum!)

It's a STUNNING and sunny 22C in Seattle! Clear, perfect, and not humid.

I am WFH all day, as well as running quick errands on foot and doggie walking. This is an example of a very casual outfit. And most of my favourite types of things, in one outfit!!!

  • white wide cropped jeans - 6 yrs 
  • linen shirt - 3 years
  • sneakers - 3 years (Jo has chewed the laces, which is why they look obnoxious)
  • denim jacket - 10 years (it has pretty embroidered flowers on it that make me smile!)
  • Furla - 3 years 
  • Baby White Pearls - knotted and cannot remember how old....

This is a very classic ME-look. I have been wearing a version of it since I was a teen in the early '80s: 

white jeans, tucked classic shirt, fashion sneakers, denim jacket, structured bag, pearls. I AM IN MY HAPPY PLACE :)

*waving at my shirt and white jeans style sisters!*

Unless I am at the beach with Yorkies Sam and Jo - this is as casual as I go.

Hair is straight, and creating quite the nostalgic affection from old friends and family who have seen me wear this hair decades ago. Their excitement has been unexpected! 

Thanks for looking. Have lots of work to do. Back much later. xo


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WIW: Sharp Shouldered & Suited

With lots of softness and a '70s flavour :)

  • Colour inspiration is from a dear client who was inspired by Trinny Woodall!
  • I wear my burgundy suit A LOT. In different ways. LOVE THE FIT AND QUALITY! Flared pants and shorter blazer = WINNER for me. I wish I had the same suit in a plaid or sour bright. 
  • Wear the suit to work with clients. It's a VERY easy and comfy outfit! 
  • 10 year old citron turtleneck. Not a hint of pilling! Wish J.Crew made things the way they used to......
  • I also wear the suit pants as separates. Perfect colour match with a '70s sharp shouldered pleather jacket that cost me $40 a few years ago, and the quality is superb! 
  • Wore the '70s jacket with the pants and citron support act to a fancier birthday party last week.
  • Wear my old citron cocoon coat over suits and jackets quite a bit. My favourite coat of all time! It's cold on foot outside and I need to wrap up! 
  • Citron Pom Pom crossbody because I must be hands-free, and I like to match.
  • White boots....well....because it's my thing....
  • Wavy hair doing its own soft thing. 
  • Sam and Jo always curious and close-by! 

Hubs Greg does NOT like puffy sleeves. If I showed him this '70s jacket off my body - he would have discouraged me from trying it. But as soon as I put it on - he loved it! Now I only show Greg puffy sleeved items ON MY BODY :)

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIW: Red Boyfriends + Oatmeal

One of the trendiest components of my style is what I wear on the BOTTOM. It's usually in the form of a pair of pants or jeans. Skirts less so, since I prefer dresses. 

I had a pair of red boyfriend jeans on my radar from a retailer whose colours launch me into orbit. Essential Antwerp. Waving to Inge, who lives in Antwerp! Sustainably and ethically produced, and 100% cotton. They went on flash sale and I pounced! 

They are super roomy - especially in the back - but not overly slouchy.  Dropped crotch point and lowered rise because of that. Just polished enough to my eye. The white stitching is unique, and the silhouette reminds me VERY fondly of the '80s.

LOVE them sooooo much! :)

My old red jumper is a perfect colour match so that's how I debuted them today! 1970 is the year I was born, so it's meaningful-to-me. Cream and oatmeal support act - my wardrobe essentials! - are an easy and signature way to finish off the look.

YES, I'm back to belting because that's how I wear slouchy boyfriends. They sit BELOW my waist, and where I prefer belts. 

Also bought an IKAT print blouse in stores today (#8). Large spaced florals are trending, and you'll hear about that next week. It has a camisole in the SAME pattern (#9). A beautiful attention to detail. Love that match! GORGEOUS and awfully pretty. And it matches my blush pants (#10). 

Sam and Jo are always supportive (#11)! Thanks for looking. xo


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WIW: Greg's FAVE for 2022

Here are two very similar looks, yet they are a little different.

The dark neutrals are navy! I don't wear black.

I LOVE wearing these types of proportions. Shorter knitwear with higher rises in roomy silhouettes. 

Look #1:  

With a more fitted and slightly shorter striped zippered sweater with high neckline. Greg voted the outfit with the big barrel jeans and this sweater his favourite of the year! He loves rugby stripes too. I've worn it three times in his honour, including out for dinner for our 26th wedding anniversary :)

Look #2:

The same outfit but with a boxy short striped sweater with matching scarf and beanie. I got the three piece set for Christmas from the family. And yes, I wear them together. Why not! 

The cream jeans are warm and Winter weight. The maxi navy coat is an absolute wardrobe essential and workhorse.

Hair wavy. Hair hat head. Hair has a mind of its own. I'm rolling with it....

Jo has taken over Sam's modeling career. 

Thanks for looking! xo


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WIW: Solid Simple Bright

It's COLD. Snowed today. Stopped now, thankfully! About to head out to work with a client for the rest of the day. 

It's been a stressful week. Brights calm me down and make me happy :)

These red velvet pants have become workhorses! Puffy sleeves and cashmere are my Winter jam. The orange coat has a quilted thinsulate lining so its VERY warm. Like a puffer. I'll add red gloves for the short drive. 

This is a very comfy outfit, albeit dressy. My work with clients is more active than you expect so I need to be able to move very freely. No outfit malfunctions, and lots of coverage! 

11 months in and I'm getting used to my natural dark honey blonde hair and longer locks. It's been an adjustment! Loving its healthy condition, and how it keeps my ears warm. Wish it was four inches longer. This time next year. Patience! 

Thanks for looking. xo


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Matched My Surroundings (Pics)

I ran errands at our nearby outdoor mall today, which is stunning! (#1) Seattleites - go to U-Village soon. Great vibe. Took the full length pics in a furniture store. (#2 - #4).

Managed to park and get there before the crowds....but it was BUSY by the time I left. Go early.

LOVE my new NAS maxi navy coat! Workhorse wardrobe essential.

Fractured toe 3 months in, and on the mend. Could manage my super hero boots reasonably comfortably. 

Hair is soft and very natural. No chemical treatment. No style really, despite a few non-descript layers. This is a quick blow dry. The front grows more slowly than the back. It has to grow four more inches. Patience is a virtue I am learning! 

I'm big into wearing bold solid statements this year - sometimes I throw in some classic pattern like a dot, stripe, check, or floral. 

My colour combinations guideline: "wear whatever makes me happy!" :)

I won't be around much till Monday. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. xo


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