Recommend: Wit & Wisdoms, and the Audrey (Pics)

In case you're looking or interested :) 

The Wit & Wisdom Pants come in four colours, and I have the navy:

I sized down for a better fit. 

VERY COMFY, drapey, polished, have a fun self-panel tuxedo stripe, crease-resistant, are easy to launder, and full length on me. 

The red is more eggplant than burgundy in person, so I returned them. 

These are two WFH outfits. I wear these pants like others wear leggings, or joggers. Here, they are worn with OLD sweaters, VERY old belts, and at-home-only ECCO sneakers. The green is today's outfit. An extremely casual WFH day! I'll be running errands on foots, and walking doggies later. 

I wear this type of trouser on long flights too. Much more comfy than jeans!

Also putting in a good word for Talbots "Audrey" patterned cashmere. I got the light blue floral, which is a great match with my specs. I'm wearing a petite size here since the fit is better, and I don't mind very short sleeves on this type of jumper. It's Modern Retro.

Hair is in a happy place almost two years in! Good length, natural colour, and mostly natural waves. 

Jo makes everything better! :)


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Lime Polka Dot Scarf is Here :)

Just arrived!

I couldn't wait to try it!

Threw it on over today's outfit - so NOT styled. Avert your eyes from hectic pattern mixing, and our very sunny loft. 

My favourite colour! 

It's PERFECT :) 

ETA: This thread for context: 


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Quick snaps since I haven't posted for a while! Haven't had a chance to share my Greece wardrobe capsule and pics either. Life and work are very busy till Dec. But I'll try to share soon! 

  • I WFH some of the time, and I err on the dressy side. VERY comfortable in fluid fits, luxe fabrics, dressier bottoms, and at-home-only sneakers. Styled hair, pearls, and daily make-up. 
  • On WFH days, I am also out and about doing errands and walking doggies no matter what :) - in which case I add a topper, bag, and outside shoes.
  • I LOVE wearing wide full length pants and jeans! I feel elegant, cheeky, very comfy, and long in the legs in them. Modern Retro too. I don't wear heels, so the same length works with all my footwear. 
  • Here are two WFH outfits I wore yesterday, and right now. 
  • New houndstooth United Colours of Benetton jeans, and Wit & Wisdom brown checked pants. Different fits on me than on the models!

  •  Sam matches my lime sweater today. Jo is sticking to fuschia :) 
  • Hair wants to flip out, so I'm letting it do just that!

Back later! xo


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