Great Extra NAS Score! (Update)

UPDATE: More walking around in the boots today. Threw the box in the bin. I'm keeping them. Let's hope I made the right decision! least I hope so. Walking around in them to make sure my long toes have ENOUGH room.

If they work out - it's another item ticked off my shopping list. Fingers crossed! $70. 

Had dressier rubber rain boots on my list for 2 years. I've tried many pairs. They are hard to fit when you wear a half size. Also, my narrow feet slide around in rain boots and slip off! Not ideal when you're running and playing on the beach with doggies..... 

These run small and snug which is just what I needed. I wear a US6.5 and these work well in a US7 (so far, anyway). No sliding around. The inners are warm and insulated. In fact, they feel a bit fleece lined. Excellent for cold PNW beaches :)

I got the white, which is a rich cream in person. Personally, I don't mind the logo branding. It looks like a geometric pattern, and will be mostly covered by pants and jeans anyway. They look polished on the foot! 

Size up, and not suited to wider feet. 


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10 Year Old Suit, Two Furlas, and a Trend

Grabbing a minute to rest between clients!

#OOTD: a 10 year old pinstriped Theory suit that I hemmed for flats. It looks current enough FOR ME with the longer blazer and mid rise. Wish it wasn’t grey but it’s sooooo beautifully made and impeccable all these years later. Can’t pass it on. Making it work this way. My way :)


I carry two Furlas on days like this. One for my phone that is on me at all times. And one for everything else.

And finally found my trendy belt bag! Had to be white, cheap, not too big, and with gold hardware. It’s VERY practical for my lifestyle.

And how badly I eat during the NAS. No time to sit. Have to grab and not make mess.

Off to fetch the next client at concierge...


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Darling Anna is not the only one wearing “Dad Sneakers” - although we have to find a better name for them, right?

Love their ‘80s vibe - but get if you think they look awful. It’s all good!

I’m having fun wearing them :)


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