WIWs: Jumpsuits!

  • I'm over my challenge with jumpsuits! NEVER SAY NEVER. Soooo comfy! Lots of pockets.
  • I have three, and here are two of them. The one is '80s, and the other '70s. If I get a '60s jumpsuit - I'll have covered my favourite fashion eras.
  • All items are old apart from the denim jumpsuit and turquoise pumps. It's a miracle I can walk in these 1.75 inch heels! 
  • I am always remixing new items with old items. Keeps the wardrobe cohesive and more sustainable.
  • Wore the pink boiler suit today. Errands, WFH, casual meetings, and doggie walking. 
  • Wore the new "Charlie's Angels" denim jumpsuit twice - casually with sneakers, and with heels. Out to dinner, and to work with a client. Feel magical in it :)
  • The denim jumpsuit found me! I saw it, gasped, had to try it on, and it was love at first sight. It's my most fun purchase of 2023, and an unexpected wild card! 
  • Off my item blazers. I'm only into blazers when they are part of pants suits. Much more into cheeky SHORT jackets. Maybe it's because of the new hair??? Not sure! But following my feelings. NAS peachy-toffee pleather jacket for $49 is a WORKHORSE! Impeccable quality. Puts some designer stuff to shame.
  • I'm a shoe and bag matcher. Not all the time, but more in Spring and Summer because I have shoes in the colours of the bags.
  • I bat for Team Dainty Shoes.  
  • Pearls. Specs. Always.
  • Hair is a little '70s too. And I like it! 
  • Sam and Jo are almost always with me, and part of my outfits. My outfits must work with my very doggie life. It's authentic that they are constant photo bombers. 

Thanks for looking! xo

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  • slim cat replied 12 months ago

    Fainting! Gorgeous all around! Amazing ability to work those pretty shoes with heels ( and it's my fav color too :-) )!
    Fav pic #8, 15 and any with doggies in!
    Your hair looks wonderful - feeling envy as a person with perpetual pixie cut.

  • kellygirl replied 12 months ago

    Ooh la la! So fabulous. You wear jumpsuits like nobody's business. I can't believe you make them look so chic. Of course, your cute little accessories don't hurt the look! Fab and inspiring!!

  • Cee replied 12 months ago

    Microphone drops for the Yorkie content at the very least !

  • Star replied 12 months ago

    Oh My Word!  I LOVE these.  That shade of pink is phenomenal with your hair colour.  I love both jumpsuits.  Love the denim with the pumps and the sneakers.  The toffee jacket is an unexpected addition.  I had many jumpsuits in the 80's and have said never again but you are making me re-think them.  These are my favourite outfits that you have posted in a while for sure.  (I really liked the others too but these are Killer.)  Okay will stop gushing now ;).

  • Sisi replied 12 months ago

    Super fabulous! I love that shade of pink on you, and I like a lot the denim jumpsuit with the light-blue accessories. Doggies, of course, are the best accessory!
    I have always liked jumpsuits but have not had many. But I still keep in an old closet a fabulous black silk evening jumpsuit from the 80s. It made me feel like a star!

  • Bijou replied 12 months ago

    Charlie's Angel perfection!


    Doggies are the perfect photobombers and yours are picture perfect, just like their Mum.

  • Staysfit replied 12 months ago

    Angie, what fun! I love the joy and cheer that is obvious in these photos because that’s what makes everything look amazing!  Your hair looks great, and the multi-era boiler suits are super fab.

  • Runcarla replied 12 months ago

    *Chef’s kiss!*

  • Dee replied 12 months ago

    Man Oh Man, this is so fab!
    The pink boiler is so cute and adorable but the denim one is KILLER to the power of KILLER x 3!

  • replied 12 months ago

    Aww Sam and Jo :) Love these on you and the happy accessories make the outfits! Yay to heels that work for you too!

  • LJP replied 12 months ago

    Utterly gorgeous ! Makes your legs look so long . I’m a bag/ shoe matcher too when possible :)

  • RobinF replied 12 months ago

    Oh wow, so cute! Love the pink especially! And your color compliments are so fun with these!

    I have been seeing a lot of jumpsuits on my younger family members (we had a weekend of family get togethers last week) and I must admit I am thinking about this. I got some casual overalls this spring that I have worn a few times and gotten compliments - from the twenty-somethings :)

  • Janet replied 12 months ago

    These are so great! You wear them to perfection. Hi Sam and Jo!

    I love jumpsuits but find them a very difficult fit. I have only one now, my silk Vince sleeveless one, and will enjoy it this summer. I’d be open to another one if I ever found the right fit, fabrication and color!

  • CarolS replied 12 months ago

    So fab! There is something especially inspired/inspiring in the addition of the toffee jacket to the denim/pink/white mix, Angie. I love it!

  • ANewMindset replied 12 months ago

    LOVE!! Talk about fashion inspo!!!

  • Nadya replied 12 months ago

    The way you play with colors is such an inspiration! I never would have thought of yellow shoes with the pink boiler suit and I love the flash of pink sneaker soles.  I can’t pick a favorite, these are all great. Thanks for sharing.

  • Brooklyn replied 12 months ago

    Super cute! I so enjoy your bold colour mixing. And Sam and Jo are the best accessories, as usual.

    I know you said 70s and 80s but I’m getting a definite Veronica Lake vibe from your peek a boo hair and denim boiler suit, which looks a bit 40s to me. Sultry!

  • April replied 12 months ago

    Aw, Sam.  Who's a good boy?

    I'm more of a zip-front overall girl myself but love these on you!

  • Inge replied 12 months ago

    I love both sooooo much!!! The denim jumpsuit is elegant and sassy, and the bubblegum pink one is cheekily fun (love it with the yellow sneaks and bag too). Your hair really fits the vibe too!

  • cjh replied 12 months ago

    Both super cool jumpsuits! I especially like the outfit in 9 with the camel jacket, pink bag and white sneaks. Thanks for sharing these happy outfits.

  • Tanya replied 12 months ago

    So much fabness in one post!  The jumpsuits are gorgeous and you look stunning in them.   Love all the poses and smiles, you are so photogenic. And as usual, Yorkies steal the show!  Too cute.

  • Kim M replied 12 months ago

    So darling!  The pink boiler suit is perfection!  You must collect compliments and friends at every turn!

  • Jaime replied 12 months ago

    Gobsmacking :) ! The color combinations are so good! I was just thinking about a yellow bag! And those turquoise shoes - wow, they are walking shoes for you? Hmm! Jumpsuits are your new thing and they suit you beautifully - I like Brooklyn's Veronica Lake reference!

  • Irina replied 12 months ago

    Cute! My favorite is #14 and every photo with dogs!

  • Bonnie replied 12 months ago

    So much fun! Love the way you've styled them with brights and Yorkies. I feel the same way about my two pair of overalls.

  • Roberta replied 12 months ago

    Soooo good with those sneakers! I find jumpsuits a little fussy to wear at home, but wearing them out into the world is the best thing. They look so sharp and confident on you!

  • Laura replied 12 months ago

    That dark denim jumpsuit is sooo good! I mean, they’re both good, of course! But the dark denim one grabs my attention with its silhouette. Jumpsuits have that one-and-done advantage, like dresses. Easy, one-piece outfits for the win!

  • rachylou replied 12 months ago

    Killer cute - love the pink, yellow and blue accents. Inspiring! I need to iron my jumpsuit and wear it! :)

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Thanks for the awfully kind words everyone!

    YES, Sam and Jo are stars and it's impossible to compete with them :)

    I have a very busy day - but will be back to reply individually when I've ticked some things off my list....

  • kkards replied 12 months ago

    My matchy matchy heart is soooo full.  The pink bag and the pink sole! The yellow shoes and bag, and the baby blue shoes and bag!  

  • kkards replied 12 months ago

    Oh, and the jumpsuits are fab!  

  • Joy replied 12 months ago

    You and the pups all look adorable. What a feast!

  • Ms. Liz replied 12 months ago

    Just gorgeous!  Your photos are full of energy and colour - makes me want to buy a jumpsuit too!

  • Kyle replied 12 months ago

    Both are “wow” outfits. But the denim ensemble has my heart. Maybe I’m going through a blue phase, because I absolutely love everything about the entire look.

  • Sal replied 12 months ago

    These are stunning on you Angie! You could be a Charlie’s Angel. I can’t pick a favourite.

    I love a jumpsuit too - I didn’t bring mine camping due to the public bathroom challenge — but for 90% of occasions they are so practical and fun and awesome!

  • replied 12 months ago

    Both pretty and cool! I had two pink jumpsuits in the 80’s; one satin and one corduroy :)

  • Suz replied 12 months ago

    SO gorgeous, Angie! You look wonderful in both jumpsuits. The pink is so pretty on you and extra fab with the brilliant yellow. Unexpected (although why, really, when half the flowers are pink with yellow centres?) and absolutely fresh. I see what Brooklyn means about the hair/ boiler suit combo! Move over, Rosie the Riveter! 

    As for the blue jumpsuit, you *know* I'm a fan of that one! It's sensational, both with sneakers and with heels. So fun that you can wear it both ways, dress it up and down. 

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Oh my word, the day got away from me. I had a hundred things to do and organize, and have thankfully done most of it. Back to fashion fun!

    Thank you ALL for the sweet comments.

    slim cat and Jaime I know, right? These heels are a mystery because I can comfortably walk in them for 4 hrs. Unbelievable. Wear your short hair with pride. I miss the ease of mine every day.....

    Kelly, Dee, ANewMindset, Nadya, Tanya, Jaime and Star, thanks for the very high praise. Blushing! Come join me on Team Jumpsuit. 

    Cee, Irina, Joy, and Suntiger, I can’t compete with my precious and super fab doggies! They ooze authentic style.

    Bijou and Sal, go Team Charlies Angels! We are a similar age, and it’s fun to be inspired by the original ‘70s trio.

    Staysfit and Mis Liz, keeping fashion fun and lighthearted is my goal. Appreciate you noticing :)

    Sisi, I want to see your ‘80s jumpsuit!

    LJP and kkards, go Team Shoe and Bag Match! It instantly helps pull a look together. Easy outfit polish too.

    RobinF and Rachy, best you try a jumpsuit soon!

    Janet and Roberta, jumpsuits can be hard to fit. But when they do, they are playful and fun!! Love your Vince jumpsuit, Janet.

    CarolS and cjh, that peachy-toffee has been VERY versatile with my new hair. Who new ;) 

    Brooklyn, you are right! Great pics! The ‘80s were inspired by the ‘40s, so it makes perfect sense :)

    April and bonnie, you rock your overalls!

    Inge, thanks my sweet friend. You are always very supportive and I appreciate it more than you know.

    Laura, so true! The one-and-done jumpsuit or dress outfit is compelling.  You need some jumpsuits...

  • Barbara Diane replied 12 months ago

    Love these photos.

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Kyle, I'd have guessed you'd like the blue denim jumpsuit with the heels best ;)

    Barbara Diana and Carla, thank you. 

    Nikki, maybe you need a 2023 jumpsuit!

    Suz, I enjoyed being compared to a pink flower with a yellow centre. Pretty! Of course Queen Blue likes the blue :) 

  • Cee replied 12 months ago

    The 101st Cox Commando Company ready for action, WW2 style led by Colonel Angie " Blood and Eww ! " Cox, ably assisted by Master Sergeants, Sam Crotch Destroyer and Jo Ankle Nibbler. 

  • Cardiff girl replied 12 months ago

    Super cute!Especially like the denim jumpsuit.

  • lyn67 replied 12 months ago

    Wow, can I say more or better than other above said??? Charmingly gorgeous all of these-including fits, punchy fierce colors, little companions, hair, poses and smile!:-) Especially love the small details like the matching  pink sole on the white  sneakes and the  patterned guitar straps- for even more interest and eye candy! Killer x16 from me!

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Cardiff Girl, thanks!

    Lyn67, appreciate your animated and generous words :)

    Cee, always making me laugh....

  • Cee replied 12 months ago


  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 12 months ago

    Wow, these are both so fab on you, Angie! I wore my green boilersuit recently, too (like your pink one). Somehow I feel I need just the right in-between weather for it. I adore the dark denim jumpsuit with the pumps, matching bag and specs. Superbly done!
    It is curious what contributes to our subtle shifts, like yours toward short jackets and away from blazers for the moment.

  • Eliza replied 12 months ago

    Wow! If jumpsuits need a spokesperson, I know who can do it well. Love these looks on you, Angie. I had a magical jumpsuit once and wish I hadn’t passed it on. There is something streamlined and appealing about the shoulder to hem continuity. Adds sophistication to even the casual looks. Will keep my eyes out for one next spring.

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Cee, :)

    Sharan, I was JUST thinking of your sage version of my jumpsuit! It's good weather to wear now. Thanks for the sweet and very engaged words as always!

    Eliza, thanks for the kind compliments! Hope you find a jumpsuit to replace the one you miss.

  • Helena replied 12 months ago


  • Kari replied 12 months ago

    These are so terrific! The denim one is especially fabulous.
    (Sam and Jo cameos, as always, are my favorites.)

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    Thanks, Helena.

    Kari, do you have a jumpsuit? I think so! I'm over the challenge of wearing them. Patience :) 

    Sam and Jo are my favourites too.

  • Kari replied 12 months ago

    Yes I do! Actually wearing one today, so I’ll do a little roundup of my own shortly.

    I DO think it’s hard to find the right one because the fit has to work well everywhere, and finding one that eliminates bathroom break frustration is important too.

  • Angie replied 12 months ago

    I just saw your thread and commented! 

  • AJ replied 11 months ago

    What were your previous challenges with jumpsuits?
    Both of these are great and you have styled them so fabulously! As always, you model the looks with ease and verve!
    I am on the hunt for summer weight loose overalls but the ones I see have very low sides that seem to land lower than the waist. :(

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    AJ, always lovely to see you chime! Thanks for the high praise. (Jumpsuit challenges were loo-related - but I've relaxed into it now ;) )

    Those sodding low cut overalls. Hope you find what you're after. 

  • Lesley replied 11 months ago

    Is the pink vintage? I am so envious!

    I just nabbed a print jumpsuit from Mixed by Nasrin, and it is chef's kiss! 

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    Lesley, not vintage - Modern Retro! Bought the pink jumpsuit before the pandemic. 

  • Debbie replied 11 months ago

    You look gorgeous as usual! The pink boiler suit is so happy. I am going to drag my black one out and play with it.

  • Angie replied 11 months ago

    Debbie, thanks! Look forward to seeing you in your jumpsuit :) 

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