My RELAXED Tulle Looks (Pics): UPDATE at the end

My new navy tulle skirt is officially one of my favourite wardrobe items!

I LOVE IT SOOOO MUCH! Major high happiness-factor. It might become a wardrobe essential  ;)

HAIR UPDATE: I had a trim this week, and my hair is finally one length on top. It took 5 months! I have the shortest of short bobs. My natural colour and wearing it wavy here. Now I can grow it out more easily.

I'm only scratching the surface of how I can wear the skirt. Messed around a bit at home with whatever I felt like combining. No planning. Sheer emotion, and had fun!

Denim, flats, shirts, sweaters, loafers, sneakers, crossbodies, and knit tops dress down the formal skirt. 

Jo adds the very best affection and spunk to my look. Sam has retired  from forum modeling. He'd rather Zoom with hubs Greg!

Will debut one these outfits for dinner with friends in their home tonight. Haven't decided which. It's sunny and mild in Seattle for a change! Wooohooo!

Thanks for looking, and have a good weekend. xo

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  • rachylou replied 1 year ago

    GAH! IT’S SO GOOD!!!!

  • Stagiaire Fash replied 1 year ago

    How about the fuchsia jacket with the Ralph Lauren or Boden top?

    Also, what Rachylou said.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks, Rachy

    Stag, thank you! That's an orange and blue shirt in #12 and #13. I'd prefer a blue denim jacket with that combination, IYKWIM. More matched :) ....but I like mismatching too.

  • Janet replied 1 year ago

    Can I just say that I really love the natural color of your hair! Lovely.

    I’m impressed with how many ways you can style this skirt. It looks great on you. Unsurprisingly, I love the version with the knotted top, and the blue denim jacket, but the pink is really good too!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Janet, thank you! I'm enjoying the big hair change - now that the shortest layers have grown out. Phew! Done. I was inspired by your top knotting in #12 and #13, btw :)

  • rachylou replied 1 year ago


  • BlueJay replied 1 year ago

    oooooo! WOW! That looks great. Yes, I can see this being a wardrobe essential. They're all FAB, but my favourites are with the pink jacket and shoes, floral knotted top, and navy denim jacket.

    Lovely hair! I like the texture and wave that comes through now that it's longer.

  • Runcarla replied 1 year ago

    Would it work with your floral Boden sweatshirt or the colour-blocked twin set?  Probably ‘goes with’ every top you own.

    Have fun tonight, and of course…you look fab!

  • unfrumped replied 1 year ago

    Oh who could choose!
    Love the pink. The knotted shirt. The white shirt and boots. Oh my.
    So think, what is most comfortable for sitting and eating ?! Or helping in the kitchen. Will you likely remove a jacket.
    Good way to test- drive combinations.

  • judy replied 1 year ago

    How fun!  Looks so good on you!  And it is just the most beautiful shade of blue, too.  

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Rachy, I'm blushing :)

    Blue Jay, you need a tulle skirt too! The pink is a nice nod to Spring. 

    Unfrumped, all options are as comfy, actually. If their home is colder than ours - I will keep on the topper. All good!

    Judy, it's a versatile shade of blue.

    Carla, YES! Both those tops will work! Yes, I am spoiled for choice of tops for this skirt. A very easy addition to my wardrobe.

  • JAileen replied 1 year ago

    I just love these, especially #2 - the sneakers and bag combo is so appealing. I wish they still had those shoes.

  • merwoman replied 1 year ago

    Love your hair! Then there’s the skirt, wowza. So if you held my feet over a flame and I had to pick a favourite….it’s #13. Love the navy with a pop of yellow. Have a wonderful evening….and please let us know which outfit won out!

  • Vildy replied 1 year ago

    [laughing]  I can readily see why you can't decide which one. 

  • Jules replied 1 year ago

    Wow! So many great options and even slightly different vibes created. Way more versatile than my limited imagination would conceive. Looks like you were having a blast!

  • Brooklyn replied 1 year ago

    Wow! Fantastic! This is going to amp up your Spring/Summer.

    I like the version best with the white shoes, white shirt and burgundy jacket. I think you could also wear that combination with a white bag, metallic bag or yellow bag. But you knew that already…

  • kellygirl replied 1 year ago

    Sooo fantastic, Angie. I can't pick a fave - I love them all. 

  • Peri replied 1 year ago

    That all looks really fun!

  • Tanya replied 1 year ago

    Amazing all around.  Cannot pick a favorite either.

  • Bonnie replied 1 year ago

    Your hair looks great and every outfit looks perfect to me. I kind of like #7,8,9 for tonight. Let us know what you choose. 

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    JAilleen, wouldn't it be fun if we were pink sneaker and bag twins!

    Thanks, Tanya, Peri, Vildy, Jules and Kelly!

    Merwoman, I had you with the sour yellow bag.....  ;)

    Brooklyn, I KNEW that version would be your fave! It looks the most McQueen. Yes to combining it with one of my yellow or white bags. A gold bag in on my shopping list.

    Bonnie, you are my tulle skirt inspiration :)

  • Irina replied 1 year ago

    All are absolutely fab! My favorites are with denim jackets. You are going to have so many great options, like wearing it with sweatshirts and sweaters, tops! 

    Congratulations on reaching your hair goal, your natural color is very pretty.

  • Lana replied 1 year ago

    LOVE! You’re going to have so much fun with this skirt.

  • Jenn replied 1 year ago

    It just looks so FUN to be swishing about in. It reminds me of how I always wanted the most pretty skirts for my Halloween costumes as a child, so I could swish around and be a princess for the night.

    You get to be a princess in real life, and practical, to boot.

    My favorite is with the crisp white shirt alone, as well as the dark academia looks in 7-10.

  • CarolS replied 1 year ago

    WHOAH!!! I struggle to pick a favourite -- but I guess that's a sign that you've got a whole stable of winning options! Ok, if I had to pick, maybe with the pink denim jacket. Or the blue one -- or, wait, the white one! Or the white shirt untucked. Or the navy and white cardigan. Oh, shoot - back to not being able to pick. (Love the hair, too!!)

  • slim cat replied 1 year ago

    So much fun - love all the options! Fav is #11-12 but only by the smidge   
     ;)  . The hair is pure fabness!

  • anne replied 1 year ago

    Great hair! And I love the tulle skirt looks. 7-10 looks a bit Mary Poppins.

  • Mirjana replied 1 year ago

    First, your hair is sooo beautiful. The skirt is really very versatile and gorgeous on you. I can't stop watching you , sooo wonderful. Love all but #3 and 5 are my favorites. Enjoy wearing sweet Angie.

  • Deborah replied 1 year ago

    Oh my Angie that skirt is gorgeous!  Love each and every styling.  Your hair looks beautiful too.  A big change and I, wondering how long you will grow it?

  • Bijou replied 1 year ago

    I love all of these, 7 - 10 blew me away the proportions work and the juxtaposition of tulle with pinstripe is magic. Your natural hair is beautiful.

  • kkards replied 1 year ago


  • Star replied 1 year ago

    All so fab.  13 is probably my favorite.  I really like Carla's idea of the twin set too.  You hair suits you, cut and color.  So Jo is Mom's Little Girl now.  I had a male chow-chow and got a female chow puppy when he was 7.  First he ignored her completely for a couple of weeks and then he could not resist her playfulness and they became the best of friends.  She eventually became like a magnet to me, and the male to my hubs.  I wanted to ask you after yesterday's post your thoughts on loafers and slip-on loafers with full skirts - I can see it is clearly a yes.

  • Murph11 replied 1 year ago

    Love, love, love!

  • ChristelJ replied 1 year ago

    You have made my day! You exude such delight in every photo. My fave is the pink jacket combo, but all are just great. Your hair has such gorgeous texture and depth!

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    I like the colorbllocked sweater set and especially the floral sweatshirt options. What a versatile skirt.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks so much, everyone! Appreciate the kind hair comments too.

    Irina, lovely to see you chime in. How is your hair project going?

    Lana, yes! It’s a versatile skirt.

    Jenn, I like the sound of Practical Princess! Do you need a swirt skinny too?

    CarolS, HAH! You crack me up.

    Slim Cat, yay! You liked the version sans jacket.

    Anne, we like Mary Poppins!

    Mirjana, Yay! Love pink. It’s extra fun to wear in Spring. You are very gracious.

    Deb, good to see you chime in. YES! Big hair change. Am growing it all year. See wear that takes me.

    Bijou and ChristelJ, thanks for being charming and sweet.

    Kkards, nice!

    Star, #13 would probably be Greg’s favourite. YES to loafers with everything. I just wear them! Jo has become Mum’s Little Girl, although she loves hubs Greg, and Sam best of all :) - Love your chow story.

    Murph11, thanks!

    Joy, eventually!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago


    Sooooo I wore a new version last night - was in the mood for a white shirt! - but instead of the blazer, added the shocking pink denim jacket and bag because the host LOVES that colour. Kept the jacket on all night! VERY comfy! 

  • Karie replied 1 year ago

    Wow! So many great ways to wear your beautiful skirt! It’s hard to pick a fav, but I think I like 11 and 12 best. And your hair is beautiful!

  • Bonnie replied 1 year ago

    That is another fab combination. So very thoughtful to remember and wear your host's favorite color.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Karie, thank you! Lovely to see you chime in. Jo likes to pull at my skirts....

    Bonnie, that means a lot coming from Queen Tulle Skirt :)

  • Style Fan replied 1 year ago

    The skirt is so versatile.  I like it best with denim jackets, but all the combinations are fab.  Your hair is looking fantastic.

  • cat2 replied 1 year ago

    I love the outfits with the loafers, very Spring.

  • Kathie replied 1 year ago

    I love all the versions, but I thought the pink jacket was particularly perfect for spring in your first set of photos! Tulle skirts make everything more fun!

  • replied 1 year ago

    So, so good!  You definitely picked the perfect color, it's going to get a TON of wear.  And the fact that it's obviously Sam-approved is the icing on the cake!  

  • Cardiff girl replied 1 year ago

    You can tell that you are enjoying yourself in that skirt which is lovely to see.The hair looks great,very pretty.

  • lyn67 replied 1 year ago

    OMG, this is beyond fabulous-you are The Blonde Hepburn in my book! My most faves are the last 2 rows, esp. nr 11-12-soo cheeky with the knotted print shirt!!! 

  • Jaime replied 1 year ago

    This post is utterly delightful! These are all so good that my favorite is probably mood related and so would change day by day, but I really love the white button up with or without blazer. I am sure you were smashing with the pink jacket! And your hair! It is a whole new ballgame now, and gorgeous!

  • Penny replied 1 year ago

    Adore this addition and your marvelous outfits! Enjoy every minute in your fabulous new skirt, and for encouraging us all to find joy in our style.

  • Suz replied 1 year ago

    This is gorgeous, Angie! Fabulous addition and feels especially right after such a long time without any parties to speak of. Every day should be a party now. (I know the pandemic is far from over, yet we do have better protection, and that is worth celebrating!)

    I love all of these but especially 7-19. Wow, wow, WOW!!! How fun to pair it with a blazer (who'd have thought? not me -- but now I will have to try with my own tulle skirt) and the tops and jackets in the other two are also sublime with it. (Not to mention the pup!) I love my skirt paired with denim, too. The juxtaposition is perfect. 

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks so much! I’m enjoying my super short bob too. Now I want more BIG BIG BIG skirts!

    StyleFan, it IS a versatile skirt. And Yorkies enjoy pulling hems ;)

    Cat2, you get how fab loafers are. High five, loafer-sister!

    Kathie, tulle-skirt-sisters unite. Waving! Soooo much swooshy fun….and especially at dinner parties.

    Xtabay, Yes! Sam Iikes the skirt. (My little in-house fashion stylist). And so does Jo, in these pics. My other in-house fashion stylist. 

    Cardiff Girl, I can’t wipe the grin off my face when I wear this skirt.

    Lyn67, awwww! "Blonde Hepburn” makes me blush.

    Jaime, you are as gracious as ever. I’m on Team Longer hair with you :)

    Penny, nice to see you chime in. What a sweet thing to say.

    Suz! Another tulle-skirt-sister to wave at. YES to dressing up for dinner parties again - have missed them! And do show us your tulle skirt and blazer renditions.

  • aloha emily replied 1 year ago

    Gorgeous! And how fun to dress to the host’s tastes!! That’s delightful!

  • Debbie replied 1 year ago

    Angie-Your hair looks amazing. You look beautiful in all of these renditions. My favorite is the knotted top.

    I need to play with my skirt. It should be worn often.i hope you had a good time at dinner!

  • AJ replied 1 year ago

    You look like you were having fun in all the photos!  I like them all but especially like the two outfits with the button down shirts.  
    I'm excited for your new hair journey!
    YLF as always!  

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone.

    Emily, the host was appreciative!

    Debbie, YES. Wear your gorgeous tulle skirt more often!

    AJ, lovely to see you chime in. Thanks for your grace!

  • RobinF replied 1 year ago

    Oh my goodness that skirt is fabulous! I love them all but must say I am partial to the denim jacket one, I think it's the matchy but not aspect that appeals to me. But really love them all. Hair is looking good too, nice to get past the first growing out stages.

  • Echo replied 1 year ago

    Wow, not only is the skirt perfect for your wardrobe, but your styling pictures are a gold-mine of ideas for those of us who are less creative on our own, so thank you! And I absolutely adore your hair, too. 

    My daughter loves wearing button-up shirts, so I showed her your latest pictures, and now we are shopping for a tulle skirt for her, too! Thanks for the ideas!

  • Sal replied 1 year ago

    Very late to this but just wanted to say this post made me very happy!  Great skirt and looks all round...and hair:)

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    RobinF and Sal, thanks for the sweet words! 

    Echo, I'm delighted to have inspired DD's wardrobe ;)

  • Jonesy replied 1 year ago

    I am very late here (we are in the process of buying a new home and selling our current one--hectic!), but this skirt is such a beautiful addition to your already-fab wardrobe! It looks amazing with everything! My personal faves are the white button down + burgundy blazer (love the juxtaposition of the structured, strict top half with the soft fullness on the bottom half) but they all look fab and your white button down with your bright pink jacket is a slam dunk. How fun to be out and about and having dinner with friends, and so thoughtful of you to wear bright pink for the hostess.

    Your hair looks healthy, full, and beautiful!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks, Jonesy! I knew you'd like the white shirt and blazer best :) 

    OH MY WORD, that IS hectic! We did that just before COVID in 2019. Good luck and hope all goes smoothly. Fun and stressful! 

  • suntiger replied 1 year ago

    :) These make me smile!

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Suntiger, that's a good sign ;)

  • Zaeobi replied 1 year ago

    The pops of pink are lovely, but would love to see it with pops of yellow too (e.g. maybe yellow shoes to match the bag?)

    Hope you had lots of fun :D

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 1 year ago

    Oh, my goodness, Angie. What a feast of fab outfits you have created with this one skirt. It's so much more than a completer for your beautiful navy lace dress. Congratulations on growing your hair to a bob--it can be so hard to stick with the process, so I count it as quite an achievement.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Zaeobi, OF COURSE! There are many, many, tulle skirt outfit possibilities in my wardrobe, and a yellow support act is one of them :)

    Sharan, thank you! Very tedious growing out a pixie, and I appreciate your grace. 

  • sarah replied 1 year ago

    Wow, that skirt screams, "Angie!" I love all of the ways you've styled it, and I adore your natural waves in that short bob. What fun that you had dinner with friends! We're still being pretty cautious, and are looking forward to spring/summer when it's easier to be outside.

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Sarah, so nice to see you chime in! Thanks for the kind words, and it's very good to be cautious :)

  • replied 1 year ago

    What a blast! Love them all with special admiration for the pinstripe blazer ensemble :)

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Nikki, thanks for the kind words :)

  • Inge replied 1 year ago

    This skirt is just magical, Angie!! It really works with everything you pair it with, and it brings me joy just looking at the photos, so I can imagine how much joy it must bring you sporting it!!
    I'm also really loving your new bright pink jacket, such a punchy, happy colour.
    Jo is pure joy too, of course, but please ask Sam if he'll still consider modelling occasionally, we all miss him! xxx

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Inge, thank you! Your grace and kindness are special. And Sam will be back from modelling hiatus  ;)

  • Lesley replied 1 year ago

    Sooo, late to the party, and missing the point, but, um, HOT PINK JACKET.

  • Dana replied 1 year ago

    So cute!!!! I'd love a hot pink tulle skirt. Maybe I'll get light pink as there's a shop in town that has them. 

    #5 & 11 are my absolute favorites. I'm betting you've barely scratched the surface of all the possibilities you have! 

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Lesley, maybe you need a shocking pink jacket too! 

    Dana, thank you! YES. A hundred tulle skirt outfit possibilities in my wardrobe. It's an elevated essential :)

  • Eliza replied 1 year ago

    Been away and missed this post. That skirt is such a wonderful piece; you could wear it 3 times a week and not get tired of the looks. But you won’t because of so many other great options. Beautiful on you. Love the fuchsia soles and bag. All fantastic.

    Your hair is gorgeous. I know it has been an ongoing project and these photos with it all one length on top definitively reveal the transformation. It looks wonderful and here’s to natural color.

    All the best as you travel.

  • JP replied 1 year ago

    I'm very late to the party, but I wanted to say that I'm so happy you found your perfect tule skirt. I like all the combinations and my favorites are the one with Jo :) and my other favorite is the outfit with RL shirt. Enjoy!

  • Joy replied 1 year ago

    Love that skirt and your outfits. Which one did you wear for the dinner?

  • Angie replied 1 year ago

    Thanks, everyone! I'm excited to add another BIG skirt to my wardrobe at some point :)

    Eliza, your gracious words make me smile.

    JP, Jo makes everything better!

    Joy, a hybrid! I wore the skirt with the white shirt, pink denim jacket, white boots, and pink bag:

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