Favourite Things Challenge #1: WIW

This outfit is an entry for Mary Beth's "Favourites Things" challenge: 


Worn to work with a business casual client last week - so I wore business casual too! On my feet running around shopping with a client all day. Outfit goes the distance! Very comfy. 

I'm a mood dresser who needs to mix and match as I please. (Which is why the restriction of working within a few tight capsules does not work for me). Woke up that morning and was in the mood for a creative clashing pattern mix. This is what I ended up with. 

Ralph Lauren Polo Pants: Favourite dressy white pants!

L'Agence Blouse: One of my favourite silk blouses!



Paul Green Loafers: Favourite dressy cream loafers!

Pearl Necklace: FAVOURITE!!! 

Furla: Favourite white bag! 

At least a third of my wardrobe is a favourite. My stuff makes me happy, and I'm grateful for that! :) I also have ALL TIME FAVOURITES like this blazer and white grommet belt. 

Excuse the odd photo taking area in our rented unit with bad light. It is what it is....

Thanks for the fun challenge, Mary Beth! Thanks for looking. xo


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Some Spring WIWs (No White Jeans!)

Randomly taken wherever I remembered to snap a pic, or hubs Greg did! 

Miss our loft! Hope to move back in around August when phase 1 of the remodel is complete. 

These are WIWs from the last week. Miraculously, I wasn't in white jeans daily ;)

#1 - #2 = To work with a client. Debut of the new red Mary Janes and they are GREAT! Plus demolition before heading off to my client....

#3 - #4 = A day of errands and doggie walking in an old dress, and new red Mary Janes. The flats are favourites already! 

#5 = Shocking pink denim on denim. Old items worn in a new way! Worn to a casual party, and to work with a casual client.

#6 to #10 = What I'm wearing now! WFH, errands, plus dog walking. All old items. 

#11 to #14 = Took Sam and Jo to the Pacific Ocean where they can run on a huge secluded and windy beach off leash, and have the time of their lives.  Both absolutely zonked in the car on the long drive back :) - (yes, I wear pearls to the beach).

Thanks for looking. xo


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Green Jacket is here!

LOVE! (Bought with a giftcard). Hubs Greg loves it too! 

Perfect fit. TTS if you like a narrower fit. Made of a comfy and soft waxed fabric. Unique. Desigual, (from Spain), is becoming a go-to brand. 

Darker than expected, yet slightly sour so win-win for sour-colour loving me. AND, a good match with my new darker natural hair :)

Wearing it right away. NOW. Go Team Wear! 

Wearing it with golden oldies:

  • 6 year old white jeans. (I've worn white and off-white jeans most days over the last 6 weeks. Good thing I have multiple pairs!)
  • 9 year old Boden navy polka dot shirt. Buttoned to the top. Collar popped. My thing!
  • 6 year old light blue Furla
  • 2 year old light blue oxfords and 3 year light blue specs
Pics are as good as it gets in this temporary unit. More bad pics. Oh well! 

Highly recommend the jacket. I predict it will become a workhorse like the red one. 

Hair is doing what it wants to do. Feels current to have hair fall in a relaxed and random way. I'm embracing it, and enjoying it!

Thanks for looking. xo


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