Some Spring WIWs (No White Jeans!)

Randomly taken wherever I remembered to snap a pic, or hubs Greg did! 

Miss our loft! Hope to move back in around August when phase 1 of the remodel is complete. 

These are WIWs from the last week. Miraculously, I wasn't in white jeans daily ;)

#1 - #2 = To work with a client. Debut of the new red Mary Janes and they are GREAT! Plus demolition before heading off to my client....

#3 - #4 = A day of errands and doggie walking in an old dress, and new red Mary Janes. The flats are favourites already! 

#5 = Shocking pink denim on denim. Old items worn in a new way! Worn to a casual party, and to work with a casual client.

#6 to #10 = What I'm wearing now! WFH, errands, plus dog walking. All old items. 

#11 to #14 = Took Sam and Jo to the Pacific Ocean where they can run on a huge secluded and windy beach off leash, and have the time of their lives.  Both absolutely zonked in the car on the long drive back :) - (yes, I wear pearls to the beach).

Thanks for looking. xo

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  • Irina replied 1 week ago

    Oh, how fantastic you look, Angie! Absolutely fab!
    my favorite outfit is a casual one in #11-13! So cute!

  • Dee replied 1 week ago

    Such a wonderful assortment of spring outfits. That mallet in photo 2 is HUGE! You need steel-toe Mary Jane's for that shot.

    Love the blue floral dress with denim jacket and the red accessories. You've inspired me to see what I can do with my blue floral.

    Fab sleeves on your WFH outfit. Haha my MFHs definitely don't look anything like yours.

    Love the puppies being all tuckered out in the last photo.

  • Mirjana replied 1 week ago

    Wow, Wow, so beautiful outfits, full of colors. Only you can wear so colorful outfit so sophisticatedly. It's a feast for eyes. I especially like #1 and #8, but the best is #14. They are so sweet. ❤️

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 1 week ago

    Dynamite looks, Angie. I love the blush and red outfit. Oh, and all the others, too. Especially like your pearls with the Esprit sweatshirt--classic Angie style. You know your little love bugs steal the show in 14, though, right? What a fun set of pics.

  • Suz replied 1 week ago

    That Tina Turk blouse is stunning on you! Love the pic in daylight so we can see the actual colours. So fab! I also adore the blue print mesh dress. Especially with denim and the red shoes and bag! Glad the shoes worked out for your busy day of work with client and, er...demolition. :) 

    Construction crew chic for the win! 

  • Suntiger replied 1 week ago

    Love the dress and print blouses especially! Hair looks fab too!
    Hugs for Sam and Jo :)

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    Thanks so much, everyone! 

    Irina,  Sam and Jo are wearing orange collars to match in your favourite - maybe you noticed  ;)

    Dee, such generous and kind words! YES - a 16 pound sledgehammer that I could barely swing. Hope to see your own blue florals soon. You will rock it! :)

    Mirjana, you are a sweetheart. What a lovely thing to say! I see why you liked those outfits best. They're the most polished :)

    Sharan, Yes to Sam and Jo stealing the show! Nice to hear you validate a signature combination. Appreciate your grace ;)

    Suz, we need to find you a similar dress! Go Team Big Spaced Florals. Waving to my red Mary Janes buddy! YES, I'm thrilled they went the distance and hope yours do too :)

    Suntiger, thanks for the hair affection! Sam and Jo send snuggles back :)

    Clearly......I'm into smiley emojis today.....

  • LJP replied 1 week ago

    Laughing at the sledgehammer picture - somehow I don't see you as a DIY'er , haha.  I love the Trina Turk blouse and the mesh dress - just beautiful prints that stand out in a good way :) 

  • Roberta replied 1 week ago

    Well, everything seems to be in order here. I love the prints on you. You wear solid colors so well, but it is a real treat to see the beautiful blouse and the dress with the jacket. Cheers for a day at the beach!

  • Janet replied 1 week ago

    So good! Those floral blouses are gorgeous on you.

    I have a special love for the casual beach outfit — just so effortless and happy, and of course because of your adorable canine companions!

  • ChristelJ replied 1 week ago

    So fun to see you in stylish action both at home and in the wild! 
    All those big florals are just gorgeous. Love your red flats with the dress. And as always, I am charmed by the little jackets you finish off outfits with.

  • Irina replied 1 week ago

    Angie, I sure did noticed. 

    I love when pet owners and pets match their outfits or accessories!

  • JAileen replied 1 week ago

    I love the red shoes and red bag.  They are just adorable on you.  As are your tired little dogs.   

  • Jaime replied 1 week ago

    What a gorgeous collection of photos! I am partial to the pink but there is not one of these that don't look polished, pretty but not precious. Doggies on the beach and your enormous smile take the cake though.

  • Bonnie replied 1 week ago

    Love seeing your wardrobe in action. The bright pink set is stunning.

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    Thanks, everyone!

    I'm emoji happy today. 

    LJP, I'm definitely not into DIY house renovations. Cooking from scratch - absolutely! Appreciate the kind words about my printed items :)

    Roberta, thanks for the patterns and solids love! Kind compliment too. I wear patterns more in the Spring and Summer. Nice to change it up :)

    Janet, go Team Big Spaced Florals! You know how wonderful it is to be outdoors with your doggies. THE BEST. Therapeutic and relaxing :) 

    ChristelJ, you are always generous and sweet with your words! Thanks for noticing the details and sharing them :)

    Irina, impressed you noticed, and wooohooo! :)

    JAileen, I can see you in my Mary Janes! Precious tired doggies :)

    Jaime and bonnie, the solid pink is my favourite too! HIGH FIVE. Thanks for your lovely words. They made me smile :)

  • Bijou replied 1 week ago

    Happy terrier faces for the win! I love that they both fit on your lap for the drive home. All outfits are beautiful and true to your signature style.

  • Star replied 1 week ago

    The doggies look so sweet  :).  All your outfits are so fab.  I have been off my blue denim jacket for a few springs/summers but you inspired me to try it with a dress again.  I had a denim jacket the same shade of pink but I had to re-home it when I left SA.  There was no way I could bring all my clothes with me.  

  • Sisi replied 1 week ago

    You look fabulous all the time! So many happy colours! And pearls at the beach  - why not? I remember a lady who even swam in her pearls necklace. And you have a beach in Seattle?! How fun is that? The two poor little furry ones look exhausted .. . Hehe, I know how dogs "collapse" after playing like crazy!

  • Brooklyn replied 1 week ago

    Wow. Spring is your season! Today’s outfit is absolutely stunning. And the pink denim on denim is dazzling and unexpected.

    And I love seeing the doggies all tuckered out going home. Nothing better than a tuckered out dog :)

  • lyn67 replied 1 week ago

    Oh my, totally hooked to your reds here, Angie-such a fresh joyfull shade! I was used to see you in tomato (more orangey) reds-but this is another juicy and fierce hue-which suits You so well! The  jacket, the Mary Janes, the bag and the specs makes for a great capsule to mix and match with your other prints or uni pieces. Love the Esprit hoodie with the pearls and matching doggies' collars! YLFably wonderfull!

  • Olive Green replied 1 week ago

    Gorgeous and vibrant colour, and print mesh dress and denim jacket, casual done so well. 
    The terriers are wild, so fun!

  • cat2 replied 1 week ago

    Love the big spaced prints. They are so prevalent now, this must be a very tempting shopping season for you. After all the years of wall to wall ditsies

  • Laurie replied 1 week ago

    All I see is energy and happiness here! Your hair is so, so beautiful Angie - wavy and straight.

    Love the reno photo. Keep us updated!

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    Thanks, everyone! 

    Bijou and Brooklyn, as doggie people, you get how happy it makes our precious babies to get out and have fun! (And they sleep extra peacefully afterwards). YES! Spring is my season, and I appreciate your kind compliments :)

    Star, the right pink denim jacket will find you again :) 

    Sisi, thank you! Actually, Seattle is surrounded by water! It's on the coast. There is water everywhere, and we live by the water. There are many beaches too. This special one is a longer drive away, and worth it :)

    Lyn67, such lovely words. Yes! I'm wearing a larger assortment of reds these days because they work with my new darker hair. Versatile! Red is a neutral :) 

    Olive Green, fab to see you chime in, and I appreciate the sweet words! :)

    cat2, I know! I'm showing a surprising amount of restraint ;)

    Laurie, what a sweet thing to say. I'm blushing :) 

  • Star replied 1 week ago

    Angie Here is my baby all played out.
    I couldn't resist sharing :)

  • Laura replied 1 week ago

    Looking stellar even in a less than stellar photo situation in your temporary home! When you finish with that sledgehammer in your kitchen, can you come and do the same job in ours? Ha!

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    Star, what a sweetie! Such a cute face :) 

    Laura, thank you! Coming over with the my tools. Tea and cake as compensation :) 

  • RobinF replied 1 week ago

    Great outfits! I love the pink bottoms and print top, so bright and fun and chic! All are great though. That beach looks like a great place to go.

  • Cardiff girl replied 1 week ago

    Loving your bright and cheerful outfits,you look fab!

  • Sal replied 1 week ago

    Love them all - the red complement is super fun isn't it!!

    And the matching pink denim is also a total winner - love older items worn in a new way.

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    Thanks for the compliments, RobinF, Sal and Cardiff Girl! Three cheers for shocking pink, and wearing old items in new ways :)

  • CocoLion replied 1 week ago

    So stunning... wonderful to see you Angie.  I love those PPL pink trousers on you.

  • Carol replied 1 week ago

    So funny...I have been wanting a mesh skirt. Those red pants in the second half of the pictures--did you tailor them? They fit like a glove. 

  • Angie replied 1 week ago

    DENISE! Sooo wonderful to see you chime in! Made my day, and thanks for the awfully kind words :) 

    Carol, the red trousers fit very well straight off the rack! Lucky. No alterations. Highly recommend a mesh skirt :)

  • Dana replied 4 days ago

    Well, I'm super late to the party, but WOW, so fab!!! I love all the outfits!! I always admire how well put together you are for errands, dog walking and WFH! I tripped and fell one time out on a walk...ruined my pants (I simply wasn't paying attention.) So I only wear clothes I don't care much about and sneakers for my silly feet, LOL. 

    Your bright colors have inspired my day!!! 

  • Angie replied 4 days ago

    Thanks, Dana! Appreciate the sweet compliments, and lovely to see you chime in! Sorry you ruined your pants :( 

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