OOTD: Silky Neon

This is what I'm wearing to wear at home, run to the post office, and walk Sam today!

The state of Washington continues to be shut down. Our stay at home order was extended to May 31st. My haircut is pushed out till June 5th. 4 MONTHS since my last cut and colour. Quite the record :(

You know my stay at home style drill..... :)

I have been up since 4.45am. Had my first meeting about my Dad with the Netherlands and London at 5.30am. Things are tricky with Dad, unfortunately. But onward, and one day at a time! I am positive. 

I am reminded by how much I LOVE to wear an impeccable silk blouse with trendy jeans. It feels sooooo good, and is soooooo easy! I would like another classic blouse like this. Really suits this leg of my style journey.

I chose an 8 year old J.Crew jacket to top things off because of their bankruptcy news today. 

I LOVE neon! Bright non-neutrals have a very positive, soothing and energizing effect on me. It's why I don't wear black and grey, and I hope that makes sense. Horses for courses. Always. 

At-home-only sneakers and blush bag to match. Blush is neutral in my wardrobe. I wear a mask outside.

This will be my last quarantine outfit post for a little while. I’ve been at it for 7 or 8 weeks. Sam and I are on a modeling break ;)

Thanks for looking! xo 

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  • rachylou replied 4 years ago

    Always high energy! Has it really been eight weeks? Wow! That’s a lot!

  • Sal replied 4 years ago

    Great outfit - I love a silk blouse with jeans too!  

    And yes time to switch it up given the stress you are under with your Dad.  Take care - thinking of you!

  • Kathie replied 4 years ago

    I've always loved that silk blouse on you- it's great to see how you remix your items. Thanks so much for doing the daily outfit posts- it's been such a bright spot every day! Very much appreciated, and I completely understand the need to take a break from them.

  • Bonnie replied 4 years ago

    Seeing your daily outfits has been a wonderful treat but understand your need for a break. I've been really inspired by your use of color and have been adding more to my wardrobe. I love your pinks, blues, and yellows and this outfit is terrific. 

  • Joy replied 4 years ago

    What Bonnie said. Sweet Sam steals the spotlight. He needs a citron collar. You look amazing in spite of the stress. Except for dog walks, I am still staying put and thankful for on-line distractions and spring weather, from beautiful to hail and snow storms. Never a dull moment.

  • replied 4 years ago

    I’m not a dog person , but your little Sam is the sweetest boy ever . And thank you SO much for your outfit photos this past month or two . Can’t believe this has been our reality for this long now . This silk blouse is so luxurious yet fun - something to keep in mind for my own wardrobe . And although I can’t envision the wide cuff jean look on me , it sure looks great on you ! Hang in there with your hair - one more month ! ( it’ll be in a mini ponytail by then )

  • Jaime replied 4 years ago

    I can't believe it has been so long. Sorry about your hair appointment, although I can only applaud the caution of your city and state. You still look stunning and you have done more than enough to inspire us with your lock down style. Enjoy your modeling break! 

  • slim cat replied 4 years ago

    So pretty! I love how red cuffs of the silk shirt work together with wide cuffs of the jeans - genius pairing! 
    Thank you for doing all those wonderful outfit' posts - lots of sweet moments and high fashion mixing, fun poses and cutest doggy' pics!
    Enjoy your time off with the family. Best wishes for your dad health and happiness!

  • MsMaven replied 4 years ago

    Favorites: 7, 11, 21-22. Wait! All of these feature Sam! I love the silk blouse. Such energy you have with your photos! I would fall over with some of those poses. Please take a rest and relax, you have earned it. 

  • Bijou replied 4 years ago

    Well you ended up with a bang! So gorgeous on you. Sad news about JCrew... I am glad you have this gorgeous coat. One of my favourite coats was an Angie JCrew recommendation - I am going to have to make sure I treasure it.

  • anne replied 4 years ago

    Dearest Angie,
    You look great, and you have almost single handedly been filling the WIW tiles. So understand the need for a break, and thinking and praying for you and your dear dad.

  • replied 4 years ago

    So pretty- and aww Sam :) Sorry it's been so hard on you with your dad, and wish you could be there with him! Blush is a good neutral, since it's sort of a "nude" for light skin!

  • cindysmith replied 4 years ago

    Holy cow, Angie, that's a lot of weeks in lockdown. And yet you're still hanging in there, and looking really good doing it.

  • kkards replied 4 years ago

    Wow, its hard to believe we’ve been locked down for that long, thank you so much sharing your lockdown looks, you’ve provided a ray of sunshine in this otherwise dismal time

  • April replied 4 years ago

    I can't bear neon but I adore your love for bright colors!  And little Sam Sam...  there are no words.  :) 

    Good thoughts to Papa Angie - I don't know what's tricky for him in particular but I can imagine.  So many of us are trying to help elderly parents stay safe and it's not easy, is it.  They do resist change with a fierce energy.  And if there are siblings, that gets tricky/sticky too.

    Stay strong.  We love you!

  • lyn67 replied 4 years ago

    What a lovely outfit again, I could  never get tired of your wiw's and you know it saddened me  you won't post more of them!:-(

    Then, even if it wasn't ever beyond my budget (and neither available where I live) am sorry to hear about JCrew's bankruptcy, too.

    This all pandemic situation is so very challenging for all of us but countries  isolating themselves is something I could have never imagined to happen. Still, you're such a good daughter, really- and hope things will be sorted soon around your dear Papa- just keep your head up and stay positive, please! 

  • unfrumped replied 4 years ago

    That Is such a great shirt for your color palette.
    I am sorry about difficulties with you dad. My dear MIL and FIL are separated from each other and all visitors by the lockdowns and things are uncertain. Don’t know how that can be all right if goes on much longer.

  • Inge replied 4 years ago

    As always, all the details are so spot on, Angie!! The blush sneakers echoing the blush in that stunning blouse. How your specs match the darker colour in your blouse too. I also still absolutely adore those wide cuffs on your jeans, and agree that these silk blouses are amazing!!

    Thank you again for posting your stay-at-home outfits so regularly these last weeks. I always found them uplifting, and they made me smile, no matter how good are bad my day was going.

    Love you my sweet friend, and hang in there with your Papa!

  • Janet replied 4 years ago

    I absolutely love that shirt and those jeans on you. You have been a source of joy and light posting all your fab outfits for weeks now, so I’d say you deserve a break if you feel it’s time to take one. Maybe some other fab dressers on the forum can pick up on the WIW posts to keep us going! I’ll try to contribute even though my outfits are not happy and bright like yours and undoubtedly do not have the same effect! :-D

  • Christina F. replied 4 years ago

    You are a model of lockdown style. I know you have extra stress than that right now so I'm glad you're taking a break from modeling. Self care is of the utmost importance right now.

  • ChristelJ replied 4 years ago

    What a delightful run of style fabness you have given us so generously! Good idea to take a break now so it doesn't become a burden. I am wishing the best possible outcome for your dad. So hard to be so far. Also, I am a huge fan of those jeans, and the entire outfit exudes energy and loveliness all at once.

  • nemosmom replied 4 years ago

    You have been such an inspiration over these weeks of lockdown, but I understand that you need a break - you totally deserve it! 

    I am sorry to hear you are having to navigate your dad's situation from so far away (and at such an early hour). Hope you get some relaxing Angie-time soon.  Sending you the biggest air hugs xx

  • taylor replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to post your outfits.its a lot of work/time...you need a break. 

    You look adorable.  I love the color and style of your silk blouse!
      I’m hoping the Papa’s are doing so much better and you can catch an emotional break.
    We decided it was time to see our family...mental health for all...and took a trip to California for a family swim BBQ party at the family home.  It was Glorious!  A much needed meeting of hugs , sun , food and fun.  Life is short,  even my 86 yr. old dad and his girlfriend decided to be there,  kids , grand kids.  It was so needed.  We all feel much better emotionally.  We needed to connect.
    i hope you can hug your Papa soon!

  • catherine replied 4 years ago

    I wish things were better for your dad. Managing things at a distance is so, so difficult.
    Thanks for keeping things going for us, and sending good thoughts.

  • Preppy Pear replied 4 years ago

    That shirt is fantastic and I love your bright happy colors, as always. Thanks for a long run of quarantine cheer!

  • Zaeobi replied 4 years ago

    I love the masculine integrity of that dress shirt contrasted with the curved print & silky material - YLF! As for your dad, 'add oil' (as we say in Hong Kong)!

  • Ginkgo replied 4 years ago

    Thank you and Sam so much for the outfit posts.  Your happy colors and busy, productive quarantine schedule have perked up my own stay at home days and helped keep me marching forward.

  • Laurie replied 4 years ago

    Thank you for the sparkle and joy your daily outfit posts have brought to us. Keep us posted on Dad. Hugs.

  • Jenn replied 4 years ago

    You look trendy and bright. Sam, though, looks like he might be over the modeling.

    I'm sorry things have been so hard with your dad, and look forward to the day when you can finally go see him. 

  • Karie replied 4 years ago

    It’s been wonderful to see your daily outfit posts. Refreshing and energizing amidst all the chaos. You look lovely Again today, I love that J Crew jacket! So bright and beautiful. I have a birthday gift card to use from J Crew - going to check out their website today and (hopefully) find something nice! I was sorry to hear of their bankruptcy, they were always one of my favorites.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Thank you all very much for the awfully kind words and good wishes for Dad. They are most appreciated! 

    I had a good night's sleep and the world looks better today :)

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 4 years ago

    Super cute, as always, Angie! I love the long red line of the placket on the blouse--very striking! Sorry to hear about your modeling break, but I guess you deserve a break sometimes. Ha!

  • Gail replied 4 years ago

    LOVE your shirt and jeans. Thinking of you and sending a hug your way, times are stressful with a parent  far away .

  • Mainelady replied 4 years ago

    Your outfit is pure fun and so cheerful! OMG the photo of Sam sneak peeking from behind the pillows just melted my heart. Best wishes for your dad and for brighter days right around the bend.

  • UmmLila (Lisa) replied 4 years ago

    Thanks for all the cheery photos of you and Sam during this time. I'm hoping all will be well with your father and your family -- it has to be difficult to be far away.

  • Suz replied 4 years ago

    Ah, Angie, I am so sorry for these ongoing complications and hope your dad can be made comfortable and safe.

    You look gorgeous in that lovely blouse and trendy jeans. Every one of your outfits is a delight

  • Debbie replied 4 years ago

    I am sorry about things with your Dad.
    My total focus on this outfit is that blouse. The color, the cut everything is impeccable. Absolute perfection!

  • CocoLion replied 4 years ago

    I'm so sorry about your Dad, I hope it's going to work out alright.  

    Your outfit posts have been inspiring.  You are a pro and a bright light too.  I want to see all of these outfits in a coffee table book.  SIPStyle.

  • Mac replied 4 years ago

    I will miss your smiling face and cheery fashions; thank you for sharing these happy images with us, during the difficult past weeks.  Best of luck with your sweet father.  xo

  • Brooklyn replied 4 years ago

    Thank you Angie. Your posts have been really fun and inspiring. And a little intimidating. So much style in one person :)
    Please enjoy having a break. I hope you are able to sort things out with your dad soon.
    And you look grand finale fabulous of course!

  • Helena replied 4 years ago

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. Sending so much love to you and your lovely Dad. xx

  • Cee replied 4 years ago

    ** Healing vibes sent to Dad-of-Ange and siccing Viking Samusson Platypus Mauler onto all illness causing bugs for good measure ! **

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    You are all SOOOOO nice! THANK YOU very much. These supportive words - and making me chuckle -  make a difference :)

    *virtual hugs*

    Things continue to be tricky with Dad, but I've had two relatively good nights sleep, and am lucky to have an incredible support structure, and my sweet Dad too. Onward we go!

  • karen13 replied 4 years ago

    Angie - your outfit posts are one of the few silver linings of the COVID world. Hugs to you and your dad. Remember that while you can't make his situation perfect, you are making it better - and that is important and something to take joy in.

  • FashionCanons replied 4 years ago

    Love this look! The red printed top and cuffed jeans ideally match! The neon jacket seems to be too bright for me. In love with eyeglasses!

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    Karen13, thanks for the wise words. I will remember that!

  • JP replied 4 years ago

    I love your outfit posts, Angie.  That silk top is gorgeous.  
    I hope your dad will be OK and you can see him soon.  You are such a good daughter.

  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    JP, thank you. What a sweet thing to say. Really hoping my Dad will be okay too. I'm positive....

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