#OOTD is Neutral, & WIW to the Ballet

My wardrobe is AS rich in neutrals as it is in colour - although I do count my reds as neutrals......

I dress 100% according to my mood when I pick an outfit in the morning and/or evening. Nothing is ever planned . I LOVE the creative adrenaline that flows through my veins at this time, which puts me on a high! (Like I keep on saying - my wardrobe and style are the un-stressful and fun part of my life). As I put my morning or evening outfit together, I take into account the weather and the needs of my feet. 

#OOTD: I'm in the mood for neutrals today! NAS NAVY peplum with Scotch & Soda black & cream tuxedo pants, old cream booties, and cream Furla. Mild and sunny today. No need for topper. 

Changing into sneakers later, OF COURSE! 

NEW "A" Necklace :)

WIW to the Ballet: (Excuse bad night time blurry pics). I went to opening night at the PN Ballet last Saturday, and wore my Scotch & Soda suit. It's SOOOO handy to pull out for dressy occasions because it's warm, will not date, and unique. I have worn it so much more than I thought. I highly recommend getting a fun suit to dress up and down. Mega practical and versatile. I might get another. I wore my party shoes for glitz, but wear the suit with sneakers too. 

Exact wardrobe items in Finds. Vintage Yorkie brooch came out to play with the suit. It causes many a conversation with doggie people! 

Off to work...

ETA: I had both pairs of Scotch & Soda pants altered at the waist and on the hips to fit perfectly. 

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  • Jane replied 2 years ago

    Stunning! I love the peplum top but the suit! Wow! The Sam broach is perfect! Lovely to see what you are wearing, thank you for sharing!

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    Looking fancy! What did you see?

  • Mirjana replied 2 years ago

    I like suit, terrific on you, great color and the brooch gives glamorous look. The topper is just for that occasion.  I hope you had a nice time. Your neutral outfit is wonderful too. 

  • suntiger replied 2 years ago

    K□x2 :)
    Now I want to see the peplum with the suit!

  • taylor replied 2 years ago

    #7 and 8 , my very favorite suit on you !
    Love the outfits so much !
    Then there is Sam❤️

  • Cardiff girl replied 2 years ago

    Ooo,that suit is sharp! And I love the cape over it for extra warmth,always difficult to know what topper looks right with an outfit but this looks fab!

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Jane, you're so nice. I can see you in a pistripe suit!

    Rachy, we saw two ballet performances....and I can't remember the names :(

    Mirjana, :)

    Suntiger, THAT could work! I will try it. Thank you. 

    Taylor, neutrals make you happy, so just for you.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Cardiff girl, suits are sooooo handy! Hate to feel cold. 

  • JAileen replied 2 years ago

    So so fab - especially the Yorkie pin.

  • bonnie replied 2 years ago

    Both outfits are terrific. Love the A necklace, it's so unique.

  • nemosmom replied 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness - can you rock a peplum?!?!! I love your suit and am so jealous of your topper-friendly weather!

  • Christina F. replied 2 years ago

    Your outfits are both beautiful!! That brooch is adorable. I love the combo of the striped pants and the chelsea boots kind of mimicking them the most, though.

    Been eyeing a suit in Boden's Baltic color but I'd have to think a lot before taking the plunge (pun kind of intended).

  • Jenn replied 2 years ago

    Your poses crack me up! You look great, especially in that peplum! I totally agree with you about style and wardrobe being the non-stressful part of your life. Same with me! Sitting down and thinking about my closet, planning for new seasons, and online window shopping is what I do to tune out and relax. (Oh, and posting on YLF! That often happens in the evening with a glass of wine, or on a weekend morning with my coffee.)

  • suntiger replied 2 years ago

    Yes to that Jenn! Wardrobe planning is (usually) a fun little puzzle :)

  • Style Fan replied 2 years ago

    I love the suit!  Great idea to have a fancy suit to wear for special occasions.  I would definitely go and talk to you if I saw the doggie brooch.  It would be a magnet for me.
    The peplum and trousers look great together.  
    Wardrobe planning is my fun time.  

  • replied 2 years ago

    Love the sassy new ‘A’ and you look stunning in the peplum.
    I remember the brooch, it’s just adorable. It’s your tonal suit ensemble with the gold loafers that’s killing me, and not softly! It’s awesomely POW! You look amazing.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    Oooh! These are gorgeous outfits on you! Love the neutrals outfit today -- that is after my own heart. The beautifully fitted sweater and those fun trousers -- the stripe echoes the booties and the booties reverse the stripe (well, almost). And it all goes together so effortlessly with your pearls and that fun new "A". So pretty. 

    Love the ballet outfit, too. SUITS ARE THE BEST!!!!!! This one looks amazing on you. I seriously think I need another. I don't wear my taupe suit as a suit much (but may remedy that this year) but I wear my plaid BR suit all the time.  

  • bella replied 2 years ago

    Fab! I am really loving your hair! 

  • Sara L. replied 2 years ago

    Nice!  I love how in pic #5 the boots have the inverse colors of the stripe on your pants.  I love your shiny shoes with the suit.  What a fun outfit with the Yorkie brooch!

  • ChrisM replied 2 years ago

    Love love love the idea of a fancy suit for dressy wear !!! Now to find one before the winter holidays ...

  • replied 2 years ago

    You look SO great in both of these outfits.  Really radiant these days. (not that you ever aren't , but still...)  I am enjoying my *L* necklace too, and get a kick out of the fact that it takes people a minute or two to figure out what it is .   Your ballet outfit is just SO sophisticated and special - and SO much more interesting that what pretty much all other women wear .  There is a suit  that I've seen , keep looking at and wondering about - and now I'm REALLY thinking I should try it on.  Such an inspiration , yours is.

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    I am over the moon about both outfits. A suit would be fabulous and practical for so many events. It is too bad the mustard velvet jacket that matches your mustard velvet pants did not work out. The Sam brooch is perfect.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words bonnie, JAileen and Bella.

    Nemosmom, if the peplums are long enough for me, they work well!

    Christina F, I can see a suit working well for NYC. To work with sneakers.

    Jenn, I get bored with my poses, so I try to keep it interesting. And HIGH FIVE to every word.

    Suntiger, wardrobe puzzles are the only ones I like!.

    Stye Fan, HAH. Spoken like a true dog-person :)

    Opaline, your comments are always kind and gracious. Please live!

    Suz, YES TO SUITS. You can’t go wrong. You will wear it often! Thanks for the kind words.

    Sara L, I noticed the fun inverse, and it’s deliberate. Thanks for the cheerleading.

    ChrisM, start looking!

    Lisa P, thanks for the compliments! You see it all at the ballet: jeans to ball gowns, and everthing in-between. Which suit is tickling your fancy?

    Joy, you’re sweet. I TRIED yo get the mustard blazer last year, but it was sold out. You need a suit!

  • Eliza replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful! Love them both. You have me wanting a suit. Just have to think about where I am going in it. Love the color of yours and your energy is contagious.

  • MsMaven replied 2 years ago

    The ballet attendees and cast must have loved your suit! Both are adorable.

    This year I've been hearing for my old pinstripe suit ca 1980. (Wouldn't fit now anyway.) I'm ready for a new one.

  • cindysmith replied 2 years ago

    You didn't even have to point out little Sam, I saw him and died of the sweetness :-)

    Now, the outfits:
    OOTD is so good, Angie! It's gorgeous, and you look like you're having a great day in it.
    The ballet outfit is stunning. It's so rich. Decadent, even. Those shoes! That coat! The suit! It's a great outfit and I love it.

  • MidwestrnChic replied 2 years ago

    Oh my, you can rock neutrals. And the suit is sublime. So much fun!

  • Jaime replied 2 years ago

    You have mesmerized me with the line nothing is ever planned. Because I know just what you mean - the moment of outfit planning is an 'of the moment' burst of creativity. But of course, your wardrobe is very planned and organized; you know what you have and you know how it fits (and you have made sure it fits perfectly). I am just musing/giving myself some new goals.
    Anyway, you look spectacular in your outfits! The light coat and gold shoes are so unexpected and charming with the fantastic suit. Love how you made the neutral outfit with the white booties and pearls. Inspired thoughts are churning!

  • Aquamarine replied 2 years ago

    Fabulous outfits, especially the suit! ! I LOVE the Zara topper. That’s where I struggle. Outfit sorted but then what to wear OVER it?

  • replied 2 years ago

    Mmmm- a plaid in darks ( touch of wine with black and grey - sounds worse than it is - lol) with bootcut pants and an interesting jacket . Looks pretty spectacular on the mannequin , and I think I’ll go try it on . Might be too dreary for me though with my new affinity for rich earth tones .

  • Joy replied 2 years ago

    I have been looking for a red suit for years to replace one that I passed on. My present “suit” is a tuxedo style black pant affair that is perfect for the holidays. I have a sequined too I can wear with it and it can fit with silk black long johns if more warmth is needed, . A festive skirt suit would be welcomed, although I can do a bone white version and plain black.

  • Dreika replied 2 years ago

    Another stunning examples of your outfits, thanks Angie!!! Especially like the suit, it’s polished to perfection, but the tuxedo stripe pants are also very helpful for me to see. I struggle in fall and winter to pair my trousers with boots higher than the ankle bone - the hems bunch over the boots and this causes unflattering creases. This season I’m determined to solve this problem without reconciling with the bunched hems.

  • Runcarla replied 2 years ago

    Gosh, but that S&S suit is so much fun!

  • Inge replied 2 years ago

    You already know how I feel about both outfits, my sweet friend :-) Just wanted to say that I fully support getting another suit ;-)
    And your Yorkie brooch is so unique, fantastic!

  • Laura replied 2 years ago

    The Zara cape is brilliant over the suit!

  • RobinF replied 2 years ago

    Love these outfits! The suit is so fun with gold shoes and cape. I'd love a velvet suit (haven't I seen a Boden one?) but not sure how much use it would get for the money.

  • Kyle replied 2 years ago

    Perfectly beautiful as always. Wish I could look this stylish on the regular. You never miss. Cannot pick a favorite, though I do love blue and black. Simply gorg.

  • Laurie replied 2 years ago

    Love it all. The cape!!  The A necklace is great. I wear my L all the time (esp since it's a present from my son). Might get one in gold too.

  • Katerina replied 2 years ago

    Peplum! My favourite. I love that top with the tux trousers. Beautiful neutral palette and so crisp with the white boots and accessories. Striking even without colours.
    And the suit! What a gorgeous outfit! This is exactly how I would love to dress for a theater. 
    You look gorgeous.

  • Dana replied 2 years ago

    I adore you in your suit! And your selfies are ADORABLE!! 

  • Alicewonderland replied 2 years ago

    I love seeing your outfits! The navy outfit looks modern and a bit sporty. You have the best accessories. I like how you wore the A necklace with your pearls-they’re really nice together.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    You are all so nice! Thank you.

    Eliza and RobinF, if you dress the suit down - it can go almost anywhere.

    MsMaven, I see a fun suit update in your future. You will wear it. I guarantee it. 

    Cindy, awwwwwhh! Thanks for being so sweet, doggie, and gracious.

    MidwesternChic, Dana and RunCarla, you are lovely.

    Jaime, you are awfully kind, and YAY! You get my unplanned outfit moments. HIGH FIVE.

    Aquamarine, roomy wool coats at a longer length are almost always a good option.

    Lisa P, sounds fab, and PLAID too. Try it on.

    Joy, good suit strategy.

    Dreika, we can help you with the booties and hem challenge here. Post a separate thread.

    Inge, thanks and hugs :)

    Laura, it’s a handy topper!

    Kyle, I’m blushing. Thanks for the high praise.

    Laurie, get the gold too! Or maybe your other son can give you that one :)

    Katerina, YES. You came to mind when I put together these outfits. So you!

    Alice, sporty but not athletic sounds dead right. Good observation, and thank you.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Back to say that I'm SOOOOO enjoying my PANTS!! Wearing jeans much less often. Style goal finally achieved :)

  • unfrumped replied 2 years ago

    I do love that suit!

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, unfrumped. Nice to see you chime in. Missed you. 

  • Helena replied 2 years ago

    Stunning! I love your new necklace and it looks so great layered with your signature pearls.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, Helena. You're lovely as always. 

  • Kari replied 2 years ago

    The peplum outfit with the pearls and striped pants are such a cool way to incorporate white in a dark outfit. It’s fun and elegant.

    I am so wowed every time I see you in that suit. Oh my. The tailoring speaks for itself!

    I’m tickled that you went to the ballet too. What an amazing performance!

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Such a sweet comment, Kari. Thank you :)

  • nuancedream replied 2 years ago

    LOVE that Scotch & Soda suit!! I wish I could have been at the opening night of Agon and Carmina Burana at PNB.  I have a part-time job as an usher at McCaw Hall. Angie, I hope to see you at other PNB performances in the future.  BTW, I'll be wearing a suit too, but it won't be as fabulous as yours.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    HAH. I hope to bump into you too :)

  • lyn67 replied 2 years ago

    Wow, Sky is falling down, Angie is wearing all black???? BTW these are Killerx2! Each one is unexpectedly different and so gorgeous- still your own (brightf& beautiful) style! Love the cape, too!:-)

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Lyn67, not quite! Top is navy, and lots of cream accents. Big difference :)

    Thanks for the sweet and gracious words! 

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