10 Year Old Suit, Two Furlas, and a Trend

Grabbing a minute to rest between clients!

#OOTD: a 10 year old pinstriped Theory suit that I hemmed for flats. It looks current enough FOR ME with the longer blazer and mid rise. Wish it wasn’t grey but it’s sooooo beautifully made and impeccable all these years later. Can’t pass it on. Making it work this way. My way :)


I carry two Furlas on days like this. One for my phone that is on me at all times. And one for everything else.

And finally found my trendy belt bag! Had to be white, cheap, not too big, and with gold hardware. It’s VERY practical for my lifestyle.

And how badly I eat during the NAS. No time to sit. Have to grab and not make mess.

Off to fetch the next client at concierge...

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  • Helena replied 2 years ago

    Gorgeous Angie - you're beyond adorable! The suit looks great and love the belt bag. Embrace the chaos! Xx

  • Kathie replied 2 years ago

    I love how you’ve updated the suit for your style in 2019- and the two bags- so adorable and perfectly you.

  • Anne replied 2 years ago

    You look just fabulous!

  • lisa p replied 2 years ago

    What a great suit Angie ! And how you are wearing these yellow pieces with so many different things is truly inspiring ! You’re making me want to get yellow shoes and a bag :) I bought a black belt bag and am having fun with it too . Do you have a find for yours ? I’d love a white one too .

  • Diana replied 2 years ago

    Love the suit with the yellow sneakers!

  • Susie replied 2 years ago

    I am so loving how much fun you have in a fitting room! And you are genius at updating pieces to fit your current style...love the bright yellow with your suit.

  • Joyce B replied 2 years ago

    That is a fab and quality suit, there is no reason to give it up.

  • Roxanna replied 2 years ago

    Love seeing you remix your old pieces (which look very current the way you style them!) And the behind the scenes peek!

  • rachylou replied 2 years ago

    Can I give you a KILLER? KILLER!

    But Angie, that IS a terrible lunch. Lol ;)

  • mtnsofthemoon replied 2 years ago

    The suit is beautiful.  Loving the yellow sneakers and accessories.  No surprise you are having fun whilst in between clients - you're cracking me up and are sooooo darn cute.  The white belt bag is perfect, but I have to ask what the heck is in the blue furla?  It looks like it weighs a ton!!  I am having images of Mary Poppins flash in my head wondering what magical items you can pull from that bag!!  Curiosity is killing me

  • ChristelJ replied 2 years ago

    Fantastic remix. The belt bag with pearls just slays me, so perfect on you.

  • Suz replied 2 years ago

    What a great idea to hem those pants for flats! That suit is perfect. The classics never die! 

    And your new belt bag is super fun on you! Rock on, oh Shopping Goddess!! 

  • kellygirl replied 2 years ago

    Gorgeous!!! Love the belt bag on you and the Furlas are impeccable! I didn’t see anyone at Nordstrom having that much fun! You are a shopping inspiration!

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks so much, ladies! Next client coming soon - sorry to be brief.

    TOPSHOP belt bag for Lisa P. Aren’t they fun and practical!


    Mntsofthemoon, lots in the blue Furla - like shopping and my unhealthy snack food :)

    Rachy, promise I load up the veggies and fruit at night.

  • Sal replied 2 years ago

    Love love this outfit Angie! Perfect with the sneakers!

  • Windchime replied 2 years ago

    I’m enjoying seeing lots of pics of you recently, Angie! You’ve styled/accessorized your Theory suit so fably that no one would ever know it’s ten years old.

    Sugar will help keep your energy going, and drinking water is always good. Carry on!

  • Barbara Diane replied 2 years ago

    I'm loving watching you shop and seeing your purchases. Looking great as always. :)

  • gryffin replied 2 years ago

    Angie - you look fab!! Omg do you love Theory suits and the all have that gray lining when you roll the sleeves. I also just bought the coach belt bag. Very fun and practical. BTW don’t they have a wrap or sandwich? Your poor blood sugar!! I’m thinking at least a few kind bars would fit in your that little furla...

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks for the kind words, ladies! You’re all so sweet.

    Gryffin, Theory suits and jackets are IMPECCABLE. At least, they were ten years ago. (I liked Kind bars for a nanosecond. Not something I enjoy eating).

  • gryffin replied 2 years ago

    the fruit and nut isn't bad in a pinch, at least it's recognizable ingredients.  It's portable and shelf stable, most of the bars are questionable.  I don't eat that stuff either, but in a pinch if you are desperate.....

  • Jaime replied 2 years ago

    Beautiful and brilliant. Mentally noted for fall. I know you have super energy, but don't forget to sleep!

  • replied 2 years ago

    This post thrills me ...... because , well, THREE bags.  

    All three of them take my breath away.  Your blue bag may be the very reason that I have been looking for a blue bag of my own. I hadn't realized your blue bag was so large. Good size for me.   

    In 2018 I searched high and low for a belt bag.  My biggest requirement was that I did not want black.  I eventually gave up and convinced myself I did not need a belt bag.  This post changes my mind.  You look fabulous wearing it.  I would have to learn to wear the bag the way you illustrate.  I might take some practice on my part. 

    Adding this to my list. 

    GREAT post.  

  • suntiger replied 2 years ago

    Ditto Rachy :) What a great suit and happy accents!

  • Bijou replied 2 years ago

    This is really something - to look KILLER GORGEOUS when working so hard and in a suit that is 10 years old - you really are an inspiration. Except not in the healthy eating for today, good to see that you are human after all!

  • nemosmom replied 2 years ago

    The happiness you convey in your shopping photos is THE BEST!

  • Eliza replied 2 years ago

    Love that gorgeous suit paired with bright yellow! I wish I was close enough to be that next client...
    Happy shopping!
    (Only at NAS can that be called lunch. Hope you get to sleep.)

  • Thistle replied 2 years ago

    So fun and fab. Love the bright pops of color.

    Best yet is the repurposing of the suit. Keeping it current while still enjoying it. That was a terrific suit to add to your closet!

  • RobinF replied 2 years ago

    Love that suit, especially in gray ! And those Furlas are so beautiful!

  • Aliona replied 2 years ago

    Seconding Windchime on all her comments. You eat so well that a « sometime food » of sugar is perfectly appropriate! Love the bumbag and curious on how you plan to wear: will you use it slung over a shoulder as you are here or as an actual belted bag? I’ve been toying with the idea of getting one—loved their practicality back in the day—but admit to a small amount of worry that, at my age and having worn them the first time around, I’ll look like a granny tourist from the 80s.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    You're all so nice - thank you. Sorry to rush off. Have to continue NAS-ing....

  • Alicewonderland replied 2 years ago

    Thank you for giving you a snapshot of your day even though you are super busy. You look elegant yet fun as always. Love the bumbag. I have a similar red but but have yet to wear it. Please consider a bumbag blog post in the future (unless there was one already, but I couldn’t find it.)

  • Firecracker (Sharan) replied 2 years ago

    So adorable and chic! That's a nice update for your classic suit.

  • Angie replied 2 years ago

    Thanks, ladies. I enjoyed the way this suit was repurposed best!

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